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Everything that happens turns out to be a blessing, we need to be patient

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Even if only 10 people wholeheartedly desired the global reign of Islamic morality- but they need to ask for it wholeheartedly, with a deep desire and love- even if there are only 10 such people, God would insha'Allah make Islam prevail with those 10 people.


Explanations of verses from Surat Al-An'am

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Ever since the Prophet Noah (pbuh), all prophets warned their nations against the Dajjal (antichrist).


Examples in the Qur'an relating that men and women can co-exist in the same place (06.11.2013)

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Emin Pazarcı: Atatürk was a religious man

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Eslam Lotfy, Lawyer and Former Leader of the Youth Wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt

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Erudite explanations of the verses in Surah Yunus (27.10.2013)

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Even though it is absolutely easy to stop the production of weapons world wide, they are trying to show it as if it is too hard. The money spent on weapons and bombs should actually be distributed to those in need and to orphans. Instead of droping down bombs with jets they should throw chocolates to children.


East-West Alteration of the 22 Governors

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Explanation of the verses from Surah Yunus

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Envying something means being pleased with what a brother/sister has and longing to have the same blessing. On the other hand being jealous means, wanting the other one to be devoid of that blessing so that one could have it instead. In that regard envying something is a nice feeling, a nice attitude.


Education in mother tongue is not a sincere demand; that is a demand for separation.


Education in mother tongue is the other name of separatism. The goal there is to make everything from Kurdish to Kurdish. That is not acceptable; there is no warmth in that. There is the intention of severing the ties of language and faith in between the citizens of Turkey.


Embarrassing our sisters with headscarves is disturbing to everyone. Let us leave our sisters alone so that they can live in comfort. But of course our sisters with headscarves should also approach those sisters of ours who do not cover their heads with love.


Euro-Asia-Expo in Kazan (October, 3-6, 2013)

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Everyone should be in a search of love. The greatest requirement, the greatest blessing, the greatest beauty of this world is love. Love is the reason why God created the universe.


Evil people are also benefiting from the blessings God gives to Muslims. I mean originally those blessings are not for them, they are created for sincere Muslims and these people are benefiting from them on the side. In the Hereafter, those blessings will be taken out of their reach.


Every community has a leader, and Muslims must also have a leader (07.08.2013)

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Everyone is constantly talking about the pains and sufferings and no one is pronouncing the solution. Unless they demand the Islamic Union, they should not cry in vain.

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41-60 / Total: 516
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