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God created everything with a purpose and a destiny. A person’s reason for existence is being a servant to God.


God creates and God takes away life. A believer won't feel sad to see a beloved pass. They’ll be happy because their beloved is now with God.


God is the true and the most glorious Artist. God beautifies the entire world with His art; He also created our souls with art. He taught us how to love.


General knowledge is great, of course. However, some people, despite their education, have temperamental and unreliable characters.


God frequently creates warnings to wake people up from their heedlessness.


Gold is not made unlawful in the Qur’an. There is nothing in the Qur’an that bans wearing gold. Our Prophet (saas) might have taken certain temporary economic or moral precautions at the time, but gold is not banned.


God does not give love of women to those who can’t appreciate women’s worth.


Getting defensive in the face of constructive criticism is an unwise reflex. Constructive criticism helps one see details and improve oneself.


God willing, ten years from now, Turkey will be in a very beautiful position. Once these difficult days are over, our country will be the center of happiness.


God will only ask us if we followed the Qur’an or not. We are responsible only for the Qur’an and not any other resources. We are sincere Muslims, do not associate anyone with God and we always side with the Qur’an.


Getting angry and losing control is humiliating for the person doing it. One needs to remember that God creates every incident and there is a great wisdom behind everything.


God clearly explained the sins in the Qur’an. Some people make up new bans, but giving commands in the name of God, is blasphemous.


God’s names should not only be recited; it is important to know the meanings of the names and recite them with a great love for God.


Gossiping is unlawful according to Islam. But, in the absence of love and fear of God, people can’t keep themselves from doing it.


God slowly reveals us the secrets of the universe. It should not be forgotten that God keeps these secrets hidden and then He allows them to be discovered.


God inspires the truth to the conscience of good people.


God does not tolerate injustice. Believers therefore, have complete trust in God.


God expects sincerity from people. It is very important to be sincere while praying to God. God accepts sincere prayers.


Grief and mourning in the Qur'an

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God grants believers a pleasant life even amid the worst circumstances

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1-20 / Total: 979
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