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Holding needless suspicion about believers could cause many problems, may God forbid. Believers should have a clear mind and give each other the benefit of doubt.


Hypocrites are evil beings and condemn themselves to a life of humiliation. Believers on the other hand, are always strong.


Honesty and sincerity is crucial. Sometimes it costs a lot; it is difficult, but one has to persist in honesty and never give up.


Hz. Khidr will guide developments, but not in a visible way so that people will be forced to believe. He will operate secretly.


Honor and power belongs solely to God. Only God can give honor and only God can take it away.


Hypocrites are cowardly and self-interested.


Hazrat Mahdi will go through so many difficulties and many people will not even realize.


How will the Ramadan of 2017 be remembered?

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Horns and Teeth That Grow in a Spiral Form

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Hypocrites indulge themselves in food and pleasures

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Hypocrites try to deceive people by pretending to be rich

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How About The Host Organization? How Do You Feel About Them?

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How Do You Like İstanbul So Far?

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Hypocrites live among Muslims but they slide to the dimension of unbelievers. Yet they cannot harm those who believe.


Hypocrites are in constant distress

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Hell is not a place we could ever imagine. It will be truly understood only when it is seen. Despite the terror and horror in Hell, some people in Hell will still continue to display the same appaling character and continue to fight and quarrel. That’s very suprising.


Heaven will be similar to the world but everything will be flawless. The negativity in this world will not exist in Heaven.


Heaven will be completely alive and everything will be conscious. Heaven will be adorned with the wisdom of God and will give happiness to all its residents.


Hell is conscious as well. It will be as whole as the human body and will give pain and discomfort to all those that fall in it.


Happiness, joy, freedom, art, music should be everywhere in Turkey. Women should feel completely free and not worry about disrespect.

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1-20 / Total: 2670
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