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How does the Earth breathe?

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How does the factory in plants work?

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Hypocrites come up with foolish excuses to avoid good deeds

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Hypocrites lie in an attempt to make themselves look wealthy to ingratiate themselves with the British deep state

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How do martyrs give the glad tidings to those left behind?

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How is the life in the rank of martyrdom?

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Hypocrites think they will live forever through their progeny and possessions

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Hedgehog, snake and scorpion are symbols used by the British deep state and in Rumism

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Homosexuality is an obscenity banned by God. Imposing something people loathe because of their faith is a great persecution. Consequently, forcing priests to wed homosexuals in churches is a cruelty which is against the faith of priests.


Hypocrites are extremely evil. They do their biggest attacks on believers following the biggest kindness of believers to them.


Hypocrites are ungrateful and can never appreciate anything. Ignoring a thousand favors, they see one problem and throw a tantrum.


Hypocrites are shameless in this world and in hell. They make demands both in this world and in hell.


Hypocrites will try to exploit believers. Believers should always be careful about that.


However, when female beauty is removed, homosexuality spreads. First they destroy female beauty and then start abusing boys.


Hypocrites tried to find out the flaws of our Prophet (pbuh). For instance, they couldn't grasp why our Prophet paid more alms to some people.


Hypocrites wear a constant mask. They have no feelings of shame, and lie and slander with no reservation. They are serial liars.


Hypocrites are like devil disguised as human. Therefore, believers should always be very careful with them.


Hypocrites are very foolish. They constantly humiliate themselves because their acts always give them away.


Hypocrites are very foolish, but they consider themselves very bright. Every time they plot something, they are caught in the act completely humiliating themselves.


Hypocrites live their lives in a constant struggle. God creates everything they do, but they don't know it. That’s why they live in misery.

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1-20 / Total: 2616
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