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Handing out books and communicating the beautiful message of Islam through books is an invaluable effort. Books teaching the Qur’an and Islam are like scholars.


His Highness Sheikh Nazım always talked about and praised the Mahdi system. Sincere students of our Sultan are also eagerly waiting for the Mahdi.


Hypocrites are the ones that devastated the Islamic world. British deep state uses the hypocrites; they fool sycophantic, ignoble people and make them serve their goals.


Hatred has become the dominant culture in many countries of the world. We’ll replace hatred with love.


Having a conscious mind is a miracle on its own. Seeing is a miracle and having a conscious mind to perceive that image is another miracle.


Human beauty is a sign leading to faith. A beautiful person makes us admire God; it deepens one’s longing for paradise.


Hulusi Akar Pasha can rest easy. Our people love and trust him greatly.


Haters do not have anyone or any country they love. Loving and embracing everyone is the right thing according to the Qur’an.


Hypocrites aren't of a single type. They have different classes and styles; seeing the difference is advantageous in terms of diagnosis.


Hypocrites are snobs and conceited. They are arrogant and assume themselves to be clever only.


Hypocrites are like a sort of submarine. They flow under water invisibly, so they are not seen. They are full of hatred against Muslims. Hypocrites are respectful and careful towards unbelievers. They are attentive not to offend them, but get ugly and aggressive towards Muslims.


Hypocrites defame Muslims. They live a dirty life, but make slanders on the life and morality of Muslim women.


Hypocrites are very impertinent, but at the same time very ignorant. They try to cover up their ignorance by making a fuss.


Handling something with anger while there’s the option to settle it with reason is something that humiliates a person.


Hadiths tell that dajjal will die spiritually at the feet of Mahdi. Mahdi will abolish satan’s mischief.


Hadiths tell that before the advent of Mahdi, his positive influence will be seen and felt in the entire world.


Have a look at human embryo. Everyone from presidents to butchers were like this in the beginning. Arrogance is in vain.


High attendance in referendum and freedom of expression is important. It's risky to give the impression that people said 'yes' due to fear.


Humans and chimpanzees don't have common ancestors. There must be millions of fossils showing the change from chimpanzee to man. There's none.


Having a strong opposition shows that Turkey has democracy. Therefore our brothers should not be bothered with opposition.

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21-40 / Total: 2670
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