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Hazrat Mahdi (as) is not a tyrant; he is a spiritual leader inviting people to love and goodness

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Hypocrites are very influential in many places all over the Islamic world and that is why the Islamic Unity is not being formed. The British Deep State enmeshed these hypocrites they have been using all over the Islamic World on Muslims.


How Can We Achieve Social Justice?

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Hypocrites are plagiarists of ideas. They claim every idea to be theirs. They have a fraudulent nature.


Hypocrites are impudent and shameless. They suffer all their lives in disgrace and humiliation leading a dog’s life, then they die disastrously.


Hypocrites are obsessed. They keep on telling the same subject continuously like a person with a heavy dementia.


Hypocrites have a feeling of superiority stemming from a severe inferiority complex. That is why they unwisely try to humiliate people.


Hypocrites want to harm Muslims’ properties. For example, Samiri usurped believers’ gold and built a statue of a calf.


Hypocrites are gluttonous and insatiable. Their real goal is to put Muslims in dire straits. They wanted onions and beans while they were in the desert with Prophet Moses (pbuh) just to cause corruption.


Hypocrites are like bats, they make secret plans in darkness. They get into contact with satan. Yet every plan of theirs is actually created by God.


Hypocrites put no effort for the sake of Islam. But whenever there is an evil activity, they are very zealous and act promptly.


How does the British deep state convince the youth into working for them as spies?

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Hypocrites do not keep their promises, they use every means they have been given for treachery. They constantly betray Muslims.


Hypocrites are like beasts that approach this a-way and that a-way between two communities.


Hypocrites don't like peace. They want trouble, tension and fight because satan stirs up constant anarchy in their souls.


Hadiths are genuine only if they are in compliance with the words of God. If what is foretold in the hadiths come true, that hadith is genuine.


Holy sites should be centers for reconciliation, not conflict

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Hypocrisy is one of the worst troubles in the Islamic world. The July 15th Coup Attempt was a hypocritical uprising. We will keep striving against hypocrisy.


Hypocrites have countless excuses not to help Islam. All the pretexts they use are actually treacherous vile lies.


Hypocrites have anarchy in their souls, that’s why they want constant trouble. They oppose everything regardless of the subject.

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41-60 / Total: 2572
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