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It is very disturbing that the EU displays a seriously unfair attitude towards Turkey upon incitement from the British Deep State. Turkey can stay as a member of NATO while being a part of Shanghai Five.


It is vicious to use unbecoming language to Muslims while appearing to advocate Islam. Those who don’t abide by Islam criticize Muslims.


In a shameless and wicked manner, hypocrites constantly make up excuses to avoid serving and doing good works for Islam.


If God had wanted, He could have made the whole world very rich. But then some people would stray away from belief and good morality.


Islamic world doesn't see Muslims killing Muslims as a disaster (simultaneous interpretation)

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In the coup attempt, they had the Fetullah Gülen organization execute the massacre logic of certain Evangelics

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Instead of getting angry at people on some matters, it would be better to persistently explain the truth and motivate the people.


I am a sincere Muslim. I am a straightforward person who wears his heart on his sleeve. I have nothing to hide.


Island plots against Turkey are doomed to failure

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In the past, American youth was very religious, clean, well-kept, joyful and dynamic. We pray for the US to return to those days.


If Erdoğan, Putin and Trump forge an alliance, they can render those snobs who drag the world into perversion, troubles and wars completely ineffective.


If the British Deep State starts praising someone, there is certainly an evil intent behind it. No good would come from those they praise.


Interfering in women’s lives and the way they dress stems from lack of education and good manners. It stems from not knowing respect and reverence.


Is the era of lobbies coming to an end in the US?

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It is essential for Muslims to remember the Nazi’s atrocities and to commemorate their victims

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Invasion plan like the 20th century

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It was the British deep state who were behind the assassination of Abdulaziz

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Indifference towards refugees

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In 2012, the British Army Museum listed Atatürk at the top in the poll of "Britain's greatest foes"

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I criticize the Fetullah Gülen organization for the murders at the night of the coup attempt, for their affiliation with the British deep state, and for many other points

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1-20 / Total: 2306
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