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Is the era of lobbies coming to an end in the US?

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It is essential for Muslims to remember the Nazi’s atrocities and to commemorate their victims

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Invasion plan like the 20th century

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It was the British deep state who were behind the assassination of Abdulaziz

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Indifference towards refugees

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In 2012, the British Army Museum listed Atatürk at the top in the poll of "Britain's greatest foes"

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I criticize the Fetullah Gülen organization for the murders at the night of the coup attempt, for their affiliation with the British deep state, and for many other points

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Iran, Barzani and Turkey can forge a friendly alliance in the region

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In the realm of the martyrs the logic of this world is totally altered. In fact the life in this world is similar to the kingdom of dreams.


If someone who claims he is a Muslim doesn't make any work in favor of Islam and refrains from it, that person has a sickness in his heart.


It is great that Mike Pence says the US will be a nation under God and that he brings the American dream to the agenda. The new US government can start by reopening the closed churches. The closing of synagogues and churches shouldn't be considered normal. Reopening places of worship will usher in blessings.


It would be great if Trump says about Muslims: ‘I love those real Muslims who love everyone and who abide by the Qur’an. I’m against violence’.


It would be very good if Trump continuously makes positive remarks about African Americans, Muslims and immigrants.


It would be great if Russia, Turkey and Iran support Trump. We want the US to return to their former religious and happy days and to revive the American Dream.


If the British Deep State does not pull a trick, Trump might turn the US to their old religious days and take away the damage Obama caused.


It appears that there is not a system that provides good protection for Trump. Both Russia and Turkey should support Russia.


It appears that Trump has now become the number one target of the British Deep State. So he should be protected very well.


It is very nice that our President Erdoğan invited Trump to Turkey. If Trump comes to Turkey in his first presidential trip, he would receive the support of the whole Turkish-Islamic world.


It is the British Deep State that is meant by the deep power behind the US.


If the Americans love God and Jesus the Messiah, God will always help them and antichrist [dajjal] can never hurt them.

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1-20 / Total: 2293
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