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It’s good that Trump has the ideal of bringing back the old American dream, which means the US will be religious as it was before.


Indifference towards refugees

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It is not respectful to view supporters of Trump deplorable, while viewing those of Clinton as normal. Everyone’s decisions should be respected in the same way.


It seems like the British Deep State is organizing the anti-Trump protests and might be planning to overthrow him somehow. It is the British Deep State that caused the recent moral decline and economic recession in the US.


In the following years, the 300 year-old persecution of the British Deep State will come to an end by a great intellectual campaign.


It is obvious that the Turkish State is aware of the plots of the British Deep State. The resolute struggle against the deep state will continue resolutely.


It is not good that cities are full of buildings. There should be pleasant and broad houses with gardens. Children should grow up seeing flowers and animals. It is significant to be in relation with nature in order to appreciate the art of God.


If a person has a high level of conscience, he sees evidences of God’s existence and he always acts in favor of God. God loves this.


It is anomaly not to appreciate women. Women are one of the most beautiful beings in this world; they are one of the best blessings.


It is not right to consider Trump’s being elected president as something unfavorable. Trump may be able to regain America’s spirit of the past times.


It would be great if Trump’s ideal of the “American dream” were for American people to be more religious and to return to their old joyous, warm, loving days.


Islam is the most beautiful mode of life. But the majority of people imagine Islam as a hellish life as the traditionalist people explain it. Since they do not know the beauties of Islam, the moral values of Islam do not prevail in the world. But now people have gradually started to see this fact.


It is the British Deep State that completely dismembered the Middle East and turned it into a bloodbath.


It is the British Deep State that founded and controlled the terrorist PKK organization: Ocalan himself admitted this fact.


It’s very obnoxious to behave as if God didn’t create the universe although people know very well that it is God Who created everything.


It will be great if Donald Trump's longing for the old America brings back the sincere, pious American character

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In their minds, they were presenting religion as terrifying in order to oppress Muslims and annihilate Islam, yet we thwarted their plots with the Qur’an.


If Turkey, Iran and Russia form an alliance, they can render the influence of the British Deep State ineffective. It is important to behave rational and poisedly.


In democracies it is a necessity and a requirement to have a powerful opposition. However right now there is a very fierce oppression against our President, we should not abandon him .


In the past, they portrayed Islam as a strange, dream-like system that destroyed joy, happiness and life (Islam is above such claims). With our intellectual efforts, we showed how wrong they were in their portrayal of Islam.

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21-40 / Total: 2293
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