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Iran is the friend of Islam. It would be wrong to harm Iranian-Turkish relations which is two countries having a centuries-old friendship.


Iran and Turkey are two brother countries. Shia and Sunni are brothers. Shias are lovers of Hazrat Ali just as Sunnis. No one should give credit to the hate speech used against Sunnis and Shias.


I always prioritize women. Women should be at the forefront in every aspect of life.


I’m vehemently against all sorts of terror, anarchy and violence. Violence is violence no matter what: I will never accept it.


IHH is providing aid to places of severest clashes to help civilians and they are working in very difficult conditions. May God bless them.


It is the movement of the Mahdi that will awaken the Islamic world from that deep sleep it is in. Enthusiasm, fervor and unity could only be attained with the Mahdi movement.


It is very dangerous to incite hostility against Iran. Iran has been a friendly country for thousands of years. It would be wrong to declare a country evil as a whole.


It would be persecution to incite Shia and Sunni Muslims against one another. We are against the persecutors, not against a nation as a whole.


It is not hard for the PKK/YPG and other terror organizations to recruit members. Terrorist systems can only end when the belief of their members is eliminated.


If Sunni and Shia ally, the influence of the British Deep State that aims to melt the Islamic world down like a candle would disappear.


Islam Only Wants Love

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It was the British Deep State that brought the Nazis into power. They financed Hitler with money taken from the American people.


It’s important to end terror first by taking away their superstitious religion, in other words, by scientifically ending Darwinism.


In the dimension of the martyrs, there is nothing to be sad about. And their bodies, their souls cannot feel sad anyway. They feel only joy.


It’s wrong to grieve for what God has created.


It is unacceptable that hospitals are being bombed in Syria. This pain can stop only with Islamic Union and Mahdi movement.


I constantly speak about the greatness of the rank of the martyrs. And I have repeatedly said I wanted to be a martyr myself.


In our criticism of Rumi’s philosophy, we’re not talking about the Mawlavism followed in Anatolia. The Rumi philosophy that is promoted by British Deep State is completely against Islam.


In the new Constitution there should definitely be mention on love. An article stating that the state and citizens should love one another must be included in the Constitution.

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If hypocrites stage an act of friendship, they will most certainly follow it up with an act of betrayal and treachery.

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41-60 / Total: 2397
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