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In Heaven, there will be incredible music, breathtaking art, and exquisite tables. All these beauties are gifts for Muslims in this world, too. Muslims should be leaders in art, science, be very modern. They should enjoy beauties of life. Religion doesn't ban them from any of these.


It is important to approach those with orthodox views with compassion. Some people wrongly think their bigoted system is religion. They’re wrong.


Instead, youth should be told for example how all people combined couldn't match the skills or intelligence that God gives to an apple tree. A single apple tree has all the information pertaining to future apple trees. God created almost a completely separate world in it.


If you tell a youth that coincidences created them, you’d be telling them that life has no meaning, which is equal to taking their life away.


It’s unacceptable that some people try to judge and discriminate against attractive, modern ladies. A Muslim should respect everyone.


It is explicitly stated also in Judaic resources that Moshiach, in other words, Mahdi will appear in this century.


It is crucial to never forget and constantly honor the great artists, athletes of the past.


It’s heartless to object to the protection of President Trump and his family. It’s most natural that the leader of the country is protected.


It’s hard to understand how loveless, jealous people can live. If you remove love from life and bring jealousy instead, life will be torture.


In a world of hatred and cruelty, we keep talking about the importance about love, compassion and forgiveness. We’re the only group with a reasonable, compassionate approach to counter the damaging rhetoric of traditional, orthodox Muslims.


It is absolutely vital that Turkey becomes a country of art and aesthetics. We should show Europe that Turkey is a very modern country.


Islam in the Qur’an means experiencing art, science, joy, freedoms, democracy, kindness in the finest manner.


It is not only the metropolitan areas or coastal towns; Anatolia wouldn't want radicalism either. Everyone would love Islam in the Qur’an.


It is crucial to show that women will be respected no matter what they choose to wear.


It’s outrageous that some countries hold meetings debating if women are human or not. Women are extremely precious, valuable beings.


In the absence of art, quality will also disappear. This will take away the joy, the happiness of people. Nobody can be happy in such an environment.


Islamic countries are used almost as a testing ground for newly produced weapons. They shed the blood of Muslims in masses because Muslims are not united.


It is wrong to suggest that people should not remember God, while having fun. On the contrary, believers lovingly remember and praise God, wherever they go.


Iran is a fraternal country; the Iranian people are our friends. Shia are dear to us, they’re in our hearts. God commands Muslims to be brothers and sisters.


Islamic Union is a top priority for our nation. We will never let anyone divide Turkey.

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41-60 / Total: 2685
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