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Key To Democracy And Development In Yemen Education


Key To Democracy And Development In Yemen Education


Keeping a straight face, keeping silent, constantly sulking, being worn out and exhausted; those acts would make the satan smile, they would make the satan rejoice. A Muslim would never act in that way. That would be unlawful and unbecoming in the religion.


Kuala Lumpur International Bookfair 2014 (April 24 - May 4, 2014 )


Kırkıncı Ağabey’s Call for Peace

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Kosovo is the homeland of the descendants of the conquerors. Kosovo is our soul, our excitement, our crown jewel. Our Prime Minister's words; "Kosovo is Turkey. Turkey is Kosovo" is a display of endearment. There is no policy of conquest in these words, there is the policy of love and peace.


King Abdullah: Our differences should not affect the unity of the Islamic Ummah

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Kowloon Mosque Fossil Exhibition

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Kicking up a row in Islamic countries is the easiest thing to do right now. That is because they have put aside love and affection and indoctrinated hatred. They have numbed their minds with Darwinist-materialist education, they have brought about a completely different, aberrant understanding of religion with idolatry and radicalism, they have taken Islam, the Qur'an from their hand and created insane societies. Mahdi (pbuh) is the doctor for the cure of this infliction.


King of Sweden visits the Fittja Grand Mosque

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Karel Janeček, Ph.D. in Mathematical Finance & RSJ A.S. - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

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Kamalak calls for Islamic Union

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Kamalak, the leader of Bliss Party: The Islamic Peace Force must be Established

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Karim Ebrahim Al-Shakar Undersecretary for International Affairs Kingdom of Bahrain Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Kineapolis Fossil Exhibition


Kowloon Masjid Fossil Exhibition


Kiliçdaroğlu: We Are Not Against The Qur’an Or People Being Muslims Or Beliefs


Knowledge is in the Sight of Allah. We cannot know anything other than what Allah teaches us. Consequently Allah is the One Who knows everything, we are always ignorant. Allah is the One Who possesses everything, we are always in need.


Karl Marx derived his views from Torah and the Qur'an

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Kurdish people are my brothers; they are a part of me. Laz people are my brothers as well. They are all the people of our nation. We are relatives, we are one, we are one family with them. Consequently we would not let anyone harm even a strand of their hair.

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21-40 / Total: 103
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