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Love: The core of Islamic Ethics

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Let us think that no one objects when we preach religion and that they accept everything we tell them, that everyone supports and applauds us and we've gone to the Hereafter, what would happen then? The good deeds attained would be one in a million. But if we meet opposition, if we strive in the path of God, you would be attaining millions of good deeds. God creates resistance specifically for Muslims to attain a lot of good deeds. It is presented to Muslims by God as a blessing.


Love settles in one's eyes and eyes become beautiful. One's glances become beautiful. Love settles in one's tongue, it makes one's speech beautiful. It settles in one's vocal cords, it makes one's voice beautiful. For instance, it settles in one's skin and the skin becomes beautiful because of that love. I mean it brings beauty and contentment to everything.


Love comes to us with a simple intent. Love waits for us at our door. You merely say “love, come to me," and it comes instantly. Love enwraps one. One feels a glow of love. Love is ready to serve in one's soul. That is how God created us but people keep love waiting at the door and don't let it in. They put filth, aggressiveness, grievance, coldness, skepticism, cruelness, impertinence, crassness and rudeness in its place and leave love waiting at their door.


Love is presented as if it is a luxury or something lavish for the world. Satan has trained people in that attitude for centuries. Right now, when people are told about love, they perceive it as if it is something far away, something very difficult to attain. Actually we are already living intertwined with love. Love is a natural need for a person, like one's food.


Love is a supreme emotion, and its knowledge is in Quran

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Love should be dominant on social media

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Love is in the forefront in Christianity. Muslims should read the Gospels. Not the parts that are corrupted but they should read those passages that are compatible with the Qur'an. Love is depicted in Gospels. There are also very beautiful passages in the Torah depicting love very nicely.


Let's Reconcile the Two Old Friends: Russia and Turkey

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Let me give you an important secret. You should not forget this secret throughout your life; God would never put a sincere Muslim with an open conscience in to Hell and no such person would ever be tormented. If one gives a sincere, determined struggle on the Path of God, even if he lives in a hellish environment in this world, God would make him live like he is in Heaven. That is an amazing demonstration of the power of God.


Lying is not an ordinary act. It is atrocious, it darkens one's face, takes away his mind and sanity, it makes one ugly.


Lying is a form of insanity and it is quite widespread among the ignorant, especially among crass people, with the aim of entertaining others and drawing attention to themselves. Because it is a form of insanity and it humiliates people, no one should ever come near it. It is vileness to lie to draw attention or to act as a know-it-all and a show off.


Love for Allah Bestows Great Spiritual Strength

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Love brings about mercy and compassion. Then you can't kill anyone, you can't hang anyone or chop up anyone. You simply solve everything with rationality and science. You solve everything with love and persuasion.


Love is the most important social and political foundation for the whole world. Love is the source of healing. Without that, the whole system is disrupted, both politics, trade and law decline and everything falls down. A cruel spirit prevails everywhere.


Look at the attention they pay to this terror and violence, look at the effort they are showing. Look at the effort they make for bloodshed. Had they given the same effort to love, this world would turn into a Heaven on earth very shortly. But of course, God should be loved. God would not turn this world into a Heaven without the love He demands. Loving God, fearing God is essential.


Love for Allah bestows great spiritual strength

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Let us become the most modern country of the world. Let us have a really modern state structure. Let us put ladies first. Let us become the most advanced country in music, in arts and aesthetics. A bigoted, conservative appearance does not suit us. That is the reason why they want to annihilate Turkey, that is the reason why they are opening their doors to the PKK.


Let's Reconcile the Two Old Friends: Russia and Turkey

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Loving Mankind For Allah’s Sake

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1-20 / Total: 674
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