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Ladies are superior in many aspects. Their understanding of art, their ability to see details, their openness to love and compassion make them superior to men.


Let’s continue to draw attention to all the injustice done to our fellow Muslims in Bangladesh and take care of them.


Ladies are not complimented for their beauty. On the contrary, sometimes beauty is frowned upon. As a result, ladies stop caring about their looks. This is wrong.


Let Turkey be the center of art in the world, with exhibitions, art competitions, recitals, etc. The disappearance of art is a disaster.


Ladies are perfectly able to judge the situation and protect themselves and their honor. Some men think that they should dictate ladies what to wear: This is wrong.


Loving God, fearing God frees people of their chains. The Qur’an breaks all the chains that hold people prisoners.


Life will become beautiful when the Qur’an is fully followed, because the Qur’an breaks the chains and removes burdens on people, and frees them.


Ladies are the most beautiful ornaments in the world and in paradise. It’s crucial that world sees the beauty, class, light of believer ladies.


Live Conversation of Mr. Adnan Oktar with Natasha Kirtchuk from Israel ILTV

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Love of Allah


Lessons for today

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Live Conversations of Mr. Adnan Oktar with Creationist Scientists from America and Italy, 20 May 2017

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Love in the Gospel

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Leaves and The Golden Ratio

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Love God with all your mind, heart and soul

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Let us live together in peace and in comfort. Why should children in Syria die? The world is more than enough for everyone. Let us build parks, gardens, hospitals, schools, let everyone live in peace. Is it that easy; peace is very easy.


Lack of intelligence in a man irritates women the most. Women want intelligence, faith, depth and passion.


Let’s make sure with our intellectual efforts that British deep state has no longer any influence on Turkish politics.


Ladies should be treated equally and with respect, no matter what they wear, be it headscarves, or modern, revealing clothes.


Lately some people are presenting Che Guevara as a role model instead of presenting our Prophet (pbuh). A person who is determined to overthrow the state cannot be a role model.

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1-20 / Total: 815
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