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Living Fossils: Sapindaceae Fossil

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Living Fossils: Amphibian Fossil

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Living Fossils: Octopus

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Living Fossils: Horseshoe Crab

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Living Fossil: The Ginkgo Biloba Tree

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Loveless people are usually surrounded by other loveless people and they treat each other very rudely.


Love, entertainment, beauty, friendship exist in Islam in its best form.


Let us fill all the streets with fruit trees so to supply the people with fruit. Let's do agriculture in all the empty lands and encourage agriculture.


Let us come to a solution regarding the Syria issue as soon as possible. Let us ensure the territorial integrity of Syria. Turkey should strengthen ties with Iraq and Israel in the region.


Lenin was a politician that took Darwinism as basis for his ideas. The anarchy and terror Lenin defended is based on Darwinism.


Lack of quality, art, refinement, modernity, a lack of respect to women and freedom constitute a basis for the pro-coup mindset. That is these concepts are crucially important.


Leaders of Islamic countries should be courageous and not refrain from the British Deep State. No one can harm them once they are valiant.


Let us be close allies with Israel, Russia, China and Iran. Let us overturn the evil plots of the British Deep State.


Living a life of disbelief is difficult, but having faith as a believer is a great ease.


Lack of art and aesthetics cause conflict and unhappiness. Unhappiness in societies and oppression of women lead to tension.


Legal punishment for social crimes must act as a deterrent force so that such people cannot find the courage to commit such crimes ever again.

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Lessons for the Present from Al-Andalus, the Cradle of Civilization

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Love and respectfulness is the way of winning people over to Islam

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Lindsay Lohan's interest in Islam is praiseworthy

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Let us make a better world through football

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1-20 / Total: 771
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