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Much like chemical weapons, conventional arms kill innocent civilians

resmi büyüt

Much like chemical weapons, conventional arms kill innocent civilians

resmi büyüt

May God increase the impact of our efforts much more. It is God’s blessing that my articles are published in every corner of the world.


Many people lose their faith because of Darwinism. This is what the Islamic scholars should focus on; they should talk about true faith in God.


Muslims and Christians should ally to defeat atheism intellectually. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi also emphasized the importance of this alliance.


May God bless our martyrs. Glad tidings to them and to their parents. May God grant delightful perseverance to their families.


May God make me and all our brothers the students of the Mahdi and Jesus Messiah. May He make us see the global reign of the Islamic moral values.


My books are the only works that scientifically explain the invalidity of Darwinism. The movement of the dajjal cannot come close to those places where these books are present.


Mr. Bahçeli is a patriotic, rational person who is not after any rank or position and who loves his nation expecting nothing in return.


Mr. Bahçeli is a very esteemed person raised by Chieftain Türkeş. His statements are very wise and to the point.


Mr. Erdoğan' meeting with cosmetologists shows his modern stance.

resmi büyüt

Mr. Erdoğan drew attention to the British deep state by saying that there exist "Lawrences with cloaks." We congratulate his sincere stance. By saying, "I'm neither Sunni, nor Shia", President Erdoğan dealt a big blow to the British deep state's plot to destroy the Islamic world.


May God make it possible for us to wage an intellectual struggle against the antichrist with our Christian brothers. Bediuzzaman says that the alliance between Muslims and Christians is very important. It is our wish to realize this as soon as possible.


May God make Muslims, Jews and Christians brothers and make them all sincerely pious people who love Him very deeply.


Muslims, Christians and Jews all agree that the Mahdi and Prophet Jesus will appear in this century.


Most Turkish people are also descendants of past immigrants. It’s an honor that Syrians trusted our compassion and came here. We’d be proud to make our Syrian guests Turkish citizens.


Mr. Erbakan raised Mr. Erdoğan as a very resolute and zealous person. The late Mr. Erbakan was also very determined.


Muslims will be seeing the manifestation of God Himself in Heaven. That is the most beautiful blessing in Heaven.


May God honor me and my brothers and sisters to see and be students to the Mahdi and Prophet Jesus (pbuh).


Misogynists who seek to keep ladies from wearing modern clothes are oppressive not only towards them, but towards children as well.

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1-20 / Total: 1805
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