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Marx and Engels were promoted by the British deep state, which distributed their books all over the world

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Muslims make efficient use of the Internet systems for spreading Islam

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Muslims' attitude toward The People of The Book

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Muslims' love for The Prophet Moses (pbuh) and The Prophet Jesus (pbuh)

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Mike Pence stating that the USA will be a nation under God is praiseworthy

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Mr. Trump should give priority to spirituality. He should carry out activities to strengthen the religiousness of the US. He should convene with Muslim religious scholars.


More than 700 million fossils have been found so far and not even one of them suggests evolution. The concept of evolution has no scientific value.


Most people who support the theory of evolution support the theory without knowing anything about evolution, fossils or protein formation.


Mutations are detriments that occur in the genes of the living beings. Mutations cannot bring about a new species or cause one to evolve into another.


Mr. Trump and his team are open to criticism. Claims about their being against Muslims are not realistic. Their reaction is about radicalism.


Mr. Trump is open to criticism. He corrected his past wrong remarks after it was explained to him why they were wrong.


Muslims should be dignified and sensible and shouldn't follow non-Qur’anic trends. Instead they should be an example to others with their integrity.


May God reward with Heaven all our brothers and sisters that work for God’s good pleasure.


Muslims must be happy with an alliance with Christians and that Christians are religious people. It's disturbing that churches are closing.


Many advocates of Darwinism don’t even know what they promote. They advocate it as a faith they idolize.


More than 700 million fossils were unearthed, but people are unaware of them. Everyone should try to understand why they are kept hidden. They are hiding the fossils from the public, because fossils prove creation and scientifically refute the theory of evolution.


May God pour His mercy on those who have lost their lives in the Kyrgyzstan plane crash. May God grant perseverance to their family members.


Many people cannot experience true love. This is nothing short of a disaster.


Many people don't know that they should respect women. Women should be completely free, but everyone should be respectful to them.


Momentous incidents will occur before the advent of the Mahdi and Jesus the Messiah. Everyone should remain resolute; the end will be all good.

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1-20 / Total: 1746
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