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Murderers sent to Iraq and Syria are in fact communists disguised as Shia, irreligious hitmen working for the British Deep State. It would be foolish to be angry at the entirety of Shia because of some murderers disguised as Shia. Iran and Turkey are friends and will build Islamic Union together.


Many people wrongly thought Muslims followed superstition and couldn't appreciate beauties, painting, sculpture and all other kinds of art. By means of the Qur’an, we proved them wrong.


Most people do not realize that the world is a place of trial

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Muslims are kept away from each other with minefields

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My friends are very meticulous about performing their daily prayers on time. They never delay their prayers and always perform their prayers on time.


Muslims should be praying for Islamic Unity, for being blessed with Mahdi & Jesus Messiah’s appearance, not fighting with other Muslims.


Muslims strive to save everyone, be it Christians, Jews, Wahabis, Shias or Buddhists. Muslims wish no one to ruin as it doesn’t comply with the Qur’an.


Many US senators and politicians stated the fact that US politics is directly dependent on the British Deep State.


Most Shia stayed loyal to the Ottoman Khalifa during World War I and did not obey Britain’s call to fight.


Mehteran is the world’s most successful, most glorious and most excellent military band.


Mahdi won’t be involved in politics. His duty is love, justice and peace.


My decisiveness, courage and commitment is only for God’s sake; not for anyone’s appreciation or admiration.


Muslims and Christians – Hand in Hand for a Better World

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More women for higher quality in politics

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Muslims and Christians – Hand in Hand for a Better World

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Miracle Planet

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Miracles of the Qur'an - 2

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Miracles of the Qur'an - 1

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Muslims aren’t prepared for the seditions hypocrites can generate over the Internet. Thus it’s important to disclose these methods.


Muslims’ minds have been paralyzed in many parts of the world. Muslims are being sort of stupefied by a mass hypnosis.

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21-40 / Total: 1715
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