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Many US senators and politicians stated the fact that US politics is directly dependent on the British Deep State.


Most Shia stayed loyal to the Ottoman Khalifa during World War I and did not obey Britain’s call to fight.


Mehteran is the world’s most successful, most glorious and most excellent military band.


Mahdi won’t be involved in politics. His duty is love, justice and peace.


My decisiveness, courage and commitment is only for God’s sake; not for anyone’s appreciation or admiration.


Muslims and Christians – Hand in Hand for a Better World

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More women for higher quality in politics

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Muslims and Christians – Hand in Hand for a Better World

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Miracles of the Qur'an - 2

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Miracles of the Qur'an - 1

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Muslims aren’t prepared for the seditions hypocrites can generate over the Internet. Thus it’s important to disclose these methods.


Muslims’ minds have been paralyzed in many parts of the world. Muslims are being sort of stupefied by a mass hypnosis.


Muslims are lenient, reasonable and companionable while hypocrites are surprisingly evil beings. Hypocrites have a devilish kind of restlessness, vigilance and insane courage. Satan takes possession of hypocrite’s soul and uses his body as a machine.


Most people do not realize that he lives among millions of zombies. They don’t know that those they fight are a sort of zombies. Zombies in human shape, whose souls are captured by satan cause trouble in all over the world. This is a special requisite of the worldly test.


Muslims constitute a single community and are in a very nice harmony with each other. No problem would arise among people of faith so long as they abide by the Qur’an.


Man is created as very weak. One can die in an instant because of a flu or a sudden decrease in blood pressure.


Making rational struggle against the hypocrite is one of the most important attributes of Muslims. Success over hypocrites brings about success over the irreligion.

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Muslims are dignified. When they make a mistake they feel embarrassed, but hypocrites are unbelievably shameless.


Muslims used to live in joy in Iraq and Syria. They failed to take hypocrites into account. But one should be wary of hypocrites.


Muslims should make very good use of their time. They can be role models for other people with their hard work, fervor and endeavors.

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21-40 / Total: 1707
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