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May God grant long life to the President Erdoğan. It is the responsibility of Muslims to protect a believer if there is a dajjal attack against him. We will always protect the President Erdoğan.


Mr. Trump’s words regarding Israel and Palestine stating that he likes the solution that both parties like are great. That loving language is very important.


Muslims would never have understanding of religion outside the Qur’an. Muslims would not have a mind of their own while defining moral values and measures. Muslims act according to the Qur’an.


Mr. Bahçeli is a very precious national idealist who’s been through great struggles and great ordeals. He is a real statesman.


Mahdi is the only spiritual leader both Shia and Sunni will embrace. Islamic world will only unite around the Mahdi.


May God strengthen Muslims’ love for one another. Those who are loveless and have fallen into a pit of hate are envious of love of Muslims.


My woman friends who prefer décolleté in the show are very important in terms of women's rights. I have many friends I've known for 30 years.


My richness is my trust and submission in God. I don't have anything in my ownership. My wealth is from God. I haven't had a single day of vacation for 40 years. I am here whether it is hot or cold outside. I use every means I have in order to spread religion.


Many people do not show their true faces. For instance, they appear as gullible. But when they enter into Islam they should not carry any one of these masks.


Mrs. Melania Trump is an immaculate and beautiful person. No one pays attention to those slanders cast upon her. She should be at ease.


May Almighty God let us see Jesus Messiah (pbuh) and Imam Mahdi as soon as possible.


Muslims wouldn't worry thinking ‘what would we do if this and this happens?’ because they know that everything is in God's control. Every electron, every neutron, every atom is acting under the control and knowledge of God.


Muslims are one another’s brothers and guardians. Muslims do not approach one another with a quibbling manner.


Many religious Freemasons worked in the building of the Masjid of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). These freemasons worked very meticulously.


Mr. Trump says that they will accept those, who respect their values and those who love them, to their country. That is a justified demand. He is against radicalism, not Islam.


Much like chemical weapons, conventional arms kill innocent civilians

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Mr. Claudio Alessio, Italy

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Muslim countries must continue supporting President Trump. Even though there were mistakes in his first action, we must keep our support.


Middle East’s incessant wars must come to an end

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Middle East’s incessant wars must come to an end

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41-60 / Total: 1805
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