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Moshiach [Hz. Mahdi (as)]’s Greatness


Mr. Şevket Eygi: A Muslim should have wisdom, be cultured and cultivated.

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Malaysia should rectify its mistake


Mayan people believe that the year 2012 is the beginning of a new age when some blessed people will appear


Mourning is the name we give to a respectful attitude towards those we’ve lost. Mourning doesn’t mean being frantic with sorrow.


May God baffle those who would split Turkey up with all kinds of disaster (13.05.2014)

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Mourning is only acceptable in the sense of respect, in the sense of showing courtesy, concentrating on the topic, being interested and concerned with it. It is not in the sense of being frantic with sorrow, crying, wallowing, freaking out, and feeling pain. Those would all be ascribing partners to God.


Mr. Erdoğan: I Love Everyone Because They Are Allah’s Creation; Turkey Is Our Homeland With A Whole 780 Thousand Square Meters

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Mr. M. Sevket Eygi: Every Muslim Has An Obligation to Struggle For the Unity of the Ummah

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Moscow Arhangelskoye Church Meeting


Muslims must be valued as they deserve


Mr. Adnan Oktar: The decency of that Anatolian young man who tried to take his boots off to keep the stretcher clean in Soma is exemplary

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Mr. Adnan Oktar: It is very important to provide a beautiful living to the families of the martyrs of Soma

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Mr. Adnan Oktar: The word mourning is used in the sense of respect, not in the sense of being frantic with sorrow, grieving, weeping. Anything contrary would- may God forbid- mean not being pleased with what God created.

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Mr. Adnan Oktar: May God rest the souls of our martyrs in Soma, may Heaven be their eternal abode.

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May God close the foresight of those who wish to divide Turkey, may God take away the perception of those who wish to disintegrate Turkey. May God make all disasters envelop them. We would never let Turkey be divided in any way.


Mourning after a deceased person was a custom of the idolaters of Mecca. It is a pagan tradition reminiscent from the Sumerians, from the ancient Greek.


Mr. Mehmet Görmez: We Need To Take Notice of Young People’s Freedom, Not Their Appearance

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Mr. Sezgin Tanrıkulu: Are Missing Children Missing Because They Did Not Scream For Help?

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Most of the people are being brought up far removed from religion, removed from the love of God and the fear of God. Many of them are ruthless and cruel. It would be unacceptable to leave innocent, angelic children to the streets all by themselves.

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81-100 / Total: 1202
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