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No terror organization can endure if not supported by a major intelligence service. The PKK and ISIS exist due to the support they get from the British Deep State.


Nouzha Skalli, Former Moroccan Minister of Solidarity, Women, Family, and Social Development Nouzha skalli, eski fas dayanışma, kadınlar, aile ve sosyal gelişim bakanı

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Nondas Cl. Metaxas, Chief Executive Officer, Director General and Member of the Council at the Cyprus Stock Exchange

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No one should pay attention to provocative allegations about our Kurdish brothers and sisters. Kurds are precious for us, very dear to us.


Nations excel with great excitements. The state of dormancy prevailing in the Islamic world right now will disappear and a spiritual rising will be attained with the Mahdi movement.


No one should refrain from saying that the mastermind behind the events is the British Deep State. This recent terror attack is an act of the British Deep State.

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Navigating Through Life Storms

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Not getting accustomed to the miraculous signs leading to faith around us is very important.


No matter where they are, the hypocrites aim to harm Muslims. They imagine that they are strong as they are supported by the deep states.


Navigating Through Life Storms

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No matter what, a person elected by people should be respected. An insolent, dismissive and cynic attitude and tone is a characteristic of the British Deep State.


Not giving due attention to the issue of hypocrisy would amount to giving opportunity to satan in hatching its plots. A hypocrite is a soldier of satan and what scares him the most is to be uncovered.


No gloom, despair or sadness happens in believers. God creates every incident with wisdom and good.


Nothing will be the same in Turkey

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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (6 August 2016)

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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (5 August 2016)

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Not waiting for the Mahdi draws some Muslims into atrophy and exhaustion. Most of the attendants fell asleep during the conference they held claiming that the Mahdi will not come.


Note that the hypocrites constitute the real power group against Muslims. That is why scientific struggle against the hypocrites is very important.


No one has grasped the anomaly of Darwinism that openly denies the existence of God. Advocating Darwinism was regarded as intellectualism, no one criticized it.


No one should abstain from revealing the British Deep State. All our intellectuals and all patriots should openly make the British Deep State a current issue.

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1-20 / Total: 797
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