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Our Prophet (saas): 'God will amend the order of Mahdi overnight.’ God will lay the groundwork for the system of Mahdi overnight.

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Our Prophet (saas): 'No matter where you are, you will see Hazrat Mahdi (as) just as you see the sun.' This hadith refers to the television

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One says he speaks very well, but it is God Who makes him speak that way. Or else he claims he is so intelligent, yet, God creates intelligence every moment. God grants ceaseless blessings to us every moment. So God would not be pleased if we do not remember Him at every minute.


Our Expectations from the Future President of the USA

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One should always approach Islam and the Qur’an with good intentions. One should always think of siding with God.


Our Kurdish brothers are very decent people that can teach the world the meaning of nobility, honor and respect. They would never be played for fools.


Once the doings of the British Deep State are revealed all around the world and once all the countries of the world intellectually stand against them, these dissensions will come to a complete end.


One of the worst mistakes made during Abdulhamit’s era was the start of Darwinist education. That system still continues today.


Our Prophet (saas): 'When Hazrat Mahdi (as) appears, he will send his students all across the earth, and the students will communicate looking at their palms (the cell phone).'

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Our President Erdoğan has an active, lively, combative personality and has nothing similar to Abdul Hamid. Abdul Hamid was timid and submissive. Our President Erdoğan is a national personality; he is a strong-minded, uncompromising, brave person. And in that respect, he resembles Ataturk.


Our Prophet (saas): 'Dajjal will fight against the Turks'

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Our Expectations from the Future President of the USA

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Our scientific struggle against Darwinism yielded results. The fact that we knocked down Darwinism is being discussed in every meeting and that disturbed the British Deep State.


Our Prophet (pbuh) was very honest, radiant and majestic. People could not even look him in the eye because of his grandeur.


Our nation thwarted the coup using insight, moderation and compassion. We have the power and wisdom to prevent even a tenfold-powered attempt.


Only the soul of the Qur'an makes real freedom possible. Right now there is no real freedom throughout the world in the true sense of the word.


Our Prophet (pbuh) did not bring any command of his own besides those in the Qur'an. The sunnah (practice) of our Prophet is the Qur'an.


Our Prophet (saas): He who reaches the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as) should hold fast to his religious discourse

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Our Prophet (saas) said "to the most Divine friend" just before his death

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Our Prophet (saas) says there shall be conflicts in Amuq Valley where Turkmens are populous

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1-20 / Total: 984
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