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Our Prophet (saas) explains in his hadiths that the disaster of lovelessness and dishonesty will end by means of the Mahdi. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be the teacher of love and sincerity.


Orbits and The Rotating Universe

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Once Darwinism is eradicated, the terror of the PKK will immediately end.


Our Prophet (pbuh) gave hundreds of details about the End Times, about the Mahdi and all of them came true. Therefore the Mahdi movement is the number one subject we should be focusing on.


Our intellectual efforts against atheist Freemasonry will continue. We are forever friends and allies with believing Masons.


One has to love and fear God deeply so that s/he can love truly love people, too. When that happens, love will be very strong.


Obama did great damage to the USA. It is not possible for this damage to be undone completely in only 100 days. Trump will get results in time.


Only Mahdi movement can bring peace to Syria and to other conflict zones.


Our intellectual accomplishment to spread the beautiful message of God is a guarantee of our future accomplishments. We will intellectually eradicate the British deep state.


Our Prophet (saas) had a striking beauty and was very well-built. At the same time, he always made jokes, he was always happy.


Our articles in the Tehran Times are a steely response to those who try to set Iran and Turkey against one another.

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Our Prophet (saas) was very strong and was strikingly handsome. He had a chiseled nose and a very nicely shaped mouth and beautiful teeth. Our Prophet (saas) was immaculately clean and had spotlessly clean and bright teeth.


Our Prophet (saas) informs us that in Heaven, there will be unimaginable beauties and gifts.


Our government should take precautions to help hateful youngsters and educate them. This hatred is unhealthy.


One should find anger funny; make fun of it. It’d be strange to take it seriously. There could be nothing that could make a person lose it.


One should know better than to get carried away by temptation of anger. Ten years later, it won’t even matter, or be remembered.


One good thing that July 15 brought about was showing the whole world the bravery and altruism of this beautiful nation.


One should always be on the side of God. One should never have doubts about God or that He always creates the best for him/her. One may not necessarily always understand the wisdom behind everything that happens. But one should always know that God creates the best.


Our people will show wholehearted support to policies that will make Turkey more modern, higher quality.


One should always try to make amends first. It is unacceptable to cut ties when you can fix things.

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1-20 / Total: 1106
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