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One of the important aspects of the British Deep State is that it hides itself very well. Many intelligence agencies like the CIA are under its thumb.


On behalf of Mr. Adnan Oktar, Dr. Oktar Babuna appeared on Press TV

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Our Prophet (saas) forgave the person who poisoned him

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Opposition key pillar of democracy

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Our Prophet’s (saas) hadith regarding those who practice homosexuality

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One of the vital issues for Turkey is Quality and Arts. A Ministry of Quality and Arts should definitely be founded.


One of the telltale signs of hypocrites is their constant agitation. They are always on edge.


Our soldiers are covered with holy light, they are like angels. May God grant all of them health and goodness.


One of the most common tactics of the British Deep State is creating confusion and distraction. The CIA, Mossad and others are all controlled by them.


Our Prophet would never say anything encouraging violence. Those hadiths promoting violence are fabricated. They have to be disavowed.


Out of the His love for the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), God protected him from unbelievers' attack and took him up to His sight

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Our intellectuals and writers should continue writing about the British Deep State every single day. They should act in unity.


Ocalan said in detail that the British Deep State founded and directed the PKK. Marx also developed his ideology in Britain.


Our Prophet (saas): 'Women will no longer suffer oppression in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as).'

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One of the most evil methods of hypocrites is using their wealth as a way to make Muslims uncomfortable and gain interest over them. By saying ‘do not go out to fight in the heat’ [Qur’an, 9/81], hypocrites tried to insinuate that Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) is a person who does not think of well-being of Muslims [Prophet is above those claims].


One of the biggest iniquities of hypocrites is their attempt to accuse God in their speeches (God is above their claims).


One of the main characteristics of the hypocrites is that they are insanely self-assured. They all believe that they know everything very well and that they rule the world.


Ocalan says he takes the guerrilla models of Che, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao as examples for PKK

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Once upon a time there were Christians in the Middle East

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Our state should make the matter of ‘Love’ number one issue. Without the existence of love, a violent kind of hate develops.

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1-20 / Total: 1028
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