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One of the atrocious characteristics of the hypocrites is that they attack Muslims with the Qur’an. They try to advocate homosexuality with the Qur’an, even though homosexuality is explicitly deemed unlawful in the Qur’an.


On the night of July 15th the British Navy deployed soldiers to Cyprus and made all the necessary arrangements for a potential occupation.


On the night of July 15th, the UK was in preparation for occupying Turkey. After seeing that the coup has failed, it stated its so-called support.


One of the most distinctive qualities of the Mahdi movement is that it will not seek payment. One should never ask for payment to preach religion.


Our Lord very wisely explains the nightmarish lives of unbelievers and their lack of judgment: “Or they are like the darkness of a fathomless sea which is covered by waves above which are waves above which are clouds, layers of darkness, one upon the other. If he puts out his hand, he can scarcely see it. Those God gives no light to, they have no light.” Qur’an, 24/40


One feature of hypocrites is to impute crimes to Muslims. They always slander Muslims. They also did this in the time of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).


One of the most apparent signs of hypocrites is that they run away from where God is remembered. It is important to tell hypocrites about God’s commands everywhere.


Our brothers should not be offended when they encounter loveless people. Slander should not be retributed with slander. Loveless encounters should always be responded insistently with love.


One of the primary characteristics of hypocrites is that they don’t want to listen to commands of God. When God is remembered, they run away from Muslims.


One of the features of the Mahdi movement is that it will call people kindly to what is right and will make religion easier as it is the Qur’an.


One of the ways hypocrites make a living is writing articles and books against Islam and Muslims and trying to make a name for themselves by doing that.


One of the frequent phrases that British Deep State uses to fool hypocrites is ‘you are family’.


Our Prophet (saas): In the End Times, 70,000 people from my community wearing turbans will follow the dajjal (the British deep state)

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One of the things that hypocrites extoll the most is being a spy for the British Deep State. Actually it is a perfidious, ignominious and filthy act.


One of the reasons why Abdulaziz was martyred is his rejection of Darwinism

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On what points did Adnan Oktar criticize Fetullah Gülen?

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One of the hidden qualities of hypocrites is that they are filthy to the extent of grossness.


Obama was a socialist. Together with British Deep State’s influence it caused much damage. Trump’s being President might be an opportunity to correct these.


One of the evil characteristics of the hypocrites is that they try to waste and to take up Muslims’ time. Since they keep away from God, they constantly feel tension inside. To get rid of that tension, they want to wander around or keep themselves busy in vain and waste Muslims’ time.


One of the subconscious messages that hypocrites give is by posing with the book of an anti-religion person as a form of secret propaganda. At first sight, it might look like a regular picture, but he is actually promoting an anti-religion book, or a painting etc. Hypocrites have very sly methods. If he is praising someone’s books, there must be an evil motive behind it. One has to be very careful.

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21-40 / Total: 1027
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