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People no longer greet each other or make eye contact. This is a disaster caused by lovelessness.


People should be open to new ideas; they shouldn't have prejudices. They should accept it when they see the truth.


Putin is an intelligent and brave leader. He might have made mistakes like everyone else but overall, it is clear that he means well and is sincere.


People need to hear about Quran’s miracles, the creation miracles. Darwinism is leading people to atheism. But most scholars don't talk about it. Most scholars don't talk about the fact that Muslims are being slaughtered everyday all around the world. Instead they talk about completely irrelevant, trivial things.


Pure Islam - easy, joyful and beautiful as in the time of the companions, who followed only the Qur’an - is the real Islam.


People are created weak and should not be bothered and pestered with unnecessary rules.


People must know that it is a very big loss and a grave offense to not remember God when they are given so many blessings all the time.


Polarization is a Global Phenomenon. How Far will it Go?

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People in hell are created especially for hell. God explains that those people will look alive, but that they are in fact dead.


Pains and troubles are created for a reason, for our test in this world. But there will be no pain or negativity in Heaven.


People humiliate themselves when they get angry and lose control. People should see themselves better than that. Believers also encounter situations that might make them angry. But they contain that feeling and know everything is from God and is for the best.


People should only whisper at places of worship. They should make sure that they’re not distracting the people praying there.


Providing help to countries in need will bring prosperity and abundance to Turkey.


People assume that the gardens, fruits in Heaven will like the ones in this world. Even a single apple in Heaven will boast unimaginable art and beauty.


Patience and loyalty are required for depth, love and passion to develop. And they can best be gained through the trials and tribulations in this life.


People cannot appreciate and love God as much as they should. As a result, they cannot appreciate ladies, too, although ladies are the most beautiful ornaments in this world.


Patience, compassion, loyalty, wisdom, inclination to beauty and aesthetics and grace, these are characteristics that God grants to ladies and that make them superior.


Prophet Jesus is a very refined, kind, modest person. He is also incredibly sharp. He is an amazing person, who is deeply in love with God.


People think that following their conscience will cause them troubles. But if they persist in following their conscience, they will be rewarded greatly, both in this world and in the Hereafter.


People all around the world long for freedom, justice, love and brotherhood. They are, in truth, longing for the Mahdi movement.

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1-20 / Total: 1339
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