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Passion, profundity, wisdom and love appeal the most to a lady’s soul. A lady who cannot find wisdom and depth feels dead inside.


People should know that when they get ill, God heals them, not the doctors or the medication. They are only means that God creates.


People should be shown and reminded of God’s artistry everywhere.


People usually develop baseless prejudices against each other. This is again due to a lack of compassion and love.


Praising one’s beauty is praising God’s artistry.


President Erdogan is a modern person and embraces everyone regardless of them being modern or conservative or regardless of their attire. He stands up for everyone.


People don't like the fact that everything is fleeting in this world, because it is in human nature to desire the Hereafter, the eternal. However, death helps people focus on God and the real life in the Hereafter. That’s the reason behind death.


PKK, YPG and PYD are sponsored by the British deep state

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Prophet Abraham and Prophet Lut

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PKK is controlled by the British Deep State, which plans its activities at its base in South Cyprus

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President Erdoğan believes in the fact that the Qur’an is enough and favors the movement of the Mahdi. By the grace of God, no one could harm our President; he will carry out his duty.


Palaentology is a science discipline while Darwinism is a pagan fallacy. Physics, chemistry, geology are all science disciplines, while Darwinism is superstition and a pagan religion.


People wish to go to Europe because they like the art and high quality of life there. Turkey should be like that, be the center of art.


Putting trust in God and being patient is the clearest evidence of the love for God. Loving Him on good days and abandoning Him on bad days is serious turpitude.


Paradise is meaningful for those who love God no matter what. For those who abandon God at hard times Paradise would have no meaning.


People want freedom, quality, high-life standards. It’s crucial to show that women are free, people are free, that there is quality.


President Erdogan is a good man, a good leader. He is very driven, hardworking. They should leave him alone so he can serve the country.


People negatively affect each other’s faith. They are negatively influenced by those who have a weak faith, when in fact, those irreligious people are created by God for a special reason. They should know that it is only God and them. Their connection to God is what matters and should be very strong. What others do will not matter.


President Erdoğan’s statement that he is praying to God not to leave him ‘without love, water and homeland’, is very nice. It’s great that he always emphasizes the importance of love.


People from all walks of life support and love us, including ladies with headscarves, and those with modern clothes. They’re all great people.

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1-20 / Total: 1304
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