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Presidential system not in Turkey's interest


People should return to the Qur’an and for that to happen, people should turn their faces towards the system of the Mahdi. Without the system of the Mahdi, turning towards the Qur’an is very difficult. If it were possible, it would have been done by now.


Planning to bring in a federative system, planning to break up Turkey and release Abdullah Ocalan: That is a grave ignobility and a viciousness that is far worse than killing. That is a grave sedition. Almighty God says that “sedition is worse than killing.”


Presidential system not in Turkey’s interest

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Posters introducing Mr. Adnan Oktar's book 'Bigotry: The Dark Danger' on London buses

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Pope in Turkey and a Lost Opportunity


People vote for those who do not humiliate them. They vote for those who hold them in esteem, who do not look down upon them, for those who do not have such an unruly expression on their faces, who do not insult those they hold dear. They vote for those who love their God, their religion, their faith. That is the secret behind it.


People underestimate the importance of the lack of love. Is this not the system that ruined the whole world? The U.S. collapsed, Russia collapsed. They are in a phase of this collapse; they will collapse even further. Europe is ruined; Europe has gone bankrupt. Lack of love, egoism and selfishness is the only reason for that. Actually the world is big enough for all people.


Police should throw the PKK out on their ears even if they are fleeing to their caves. These are a handful of scum of the earth; they are spoiled. They have become depraved and intensely spoiled. Our Kurdish brothers and sisters, our dear ones, hate them.


Presidential systems sound the alarm all over the world

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Political Instability in Yemen Is Having a Damaging Effect on Children


Political Instability In Yemen Is Having A Damaging Effect On Children

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Professor Abdul Ghaffar Aziz, Director of Foreign Affairs Jamaat e Islami Pakistan

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Professor Radouane Benchekroun, Former President of the Scholastic Council of Casablanca

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Professor Yunis Abdille Musa Yahya, Dean of Faculty of Sharia Islamic Studies, Kenya

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Professor Abdelaadim Srhayri, ,Teacher of Doctrine and Islamic, Ribat

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Passport and visa requirements should be abolished, both for Armenia and for Azerbaijan on the same day.


Pardoning murder and those who shot our soldiers and police officers, making their pardoning a lawful, legitimate issue would come to mean encouraging murder. It would mean completely disregarding our martyred soldiers and police officers. That would mean the gravest insult for the families of martyrs. Those who do that would be the most despicable ones.


Putin is leaving the G20 Summit!

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P.H.D Lawyer MHD. Aboalkheir Chukri, P.H.D in Sharia and Law

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41-60 / Total: 968
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