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Robotic machines should be used in mines, man power should not allowed in mines under the ground.


Religion is the other name for the Middle East. Religion is the spirit of the Middle East. Middle East wouldn't exist without religion. Life wouldn't exist without religion.


Reaching the Treatise of Light somehow would expand the horizons of a person; it opens up one's world. That is why it would be very beneficial for every one of our brothers and sisters to have at least a piece of Treatise of Light at their homes. That is because the language used in the Treatise of Light is very sincere; it is the language of Islam.


Rohingya News Agency Director visited Adnan Oktar (February 26th, 2014)


Remarks on verses from Surat al-’Imran (05.04.2014)

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Remarks on verses from Surah Yunus (30.03.2014)

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Recommendations for Turkey's two major parties


Recommendations for Turkey's two major parties


Rev. Olivier Reigen Wang Genh, President of the Buddhist Union of France

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Repentance provides relief to the heart


Rather than a policy that excludes Russia, the world should approach it with love (30.03.2014)

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Rev.Fr.Indunil, Undersecretary of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, Sri Lanka

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Right now they have made religious ladies look like men. They have given the traditional orthodox Muslim women an outlook that looks exactly like men. Our Prophet (saas) says; “Women looking like men is a portent of the Last Day.” Ladies need to look like ladies, insha’Allah.


Repentance provides relief to the heart

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Remarks about verses from Surat Al-Hajj metaphorically pointing to the system of the Mahdi (15.03.2014)

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Responses to groundless claims concerning Mr. Adnan Oktar on the web site


Recently, especially after the statements of Abdullah Ocalan, PKK tried to present itself as if they are religious. That is a very dangerous tactic.


Russian people sufferred a lot. The world should protect them and show compassion to them. We should not leave them to their own means. It is a cold country, a cold climate, an outcasted community. We should put these away and approach them with compassion.


Returning to the times of Ottomans is never a possibility. I mean there is no policy to be called neo-Ottomans. There is only the policy of the system of the Mahdi. The system of the Mahdi is what we call the unity of the Islamic world. And the person to lead that unity is called the Mahdi. That will be made possible with the support of the Jesus Messiah.


Rohingya: Tough test for a nascent democracy

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41-60 / Total: 751
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