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Some American officials are forcing Islamic countries to fight ISIL by threatening regime change

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Since innocent people will be killed in aerial bombardments, that is murder

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Some evangelicals are inciting people to implement their plans in the Middle East

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Some American officials are protecting Assad and the PKK by not establishing a safe haven

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Separatist Sentiments in Scotland and the Stability of Europe


Solidarity is the Key to Recover Libya’s Instability


Separatist sentiments in Scotland and the stability of Europe


Some people do not believe in the fact that this is the end of the PKK. Persecution would never be everlasting. This is a fact set out by the verses of the Qur'an. I mean no persecuting system has ever been sustained long-term in history. They should have understood it from that. This is the law of God; every tyrant, every persecuting system is bound to be destroyed. Only the rightful systems remain standing.


Salama Abd El-Kawy, the Advisor of the Legitimate Minister of Awqaf in the government of Mohammed Mursy in Egypt

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Solidarity is the key to recover Libya’s instability


Say no to sacrificing ties on the altar of politics


Stop treading the beaten path


Stop treading the beaten path


Solidarity is the key to recover Libya’s instability


Stop treading the beaten path


Seoul National University


Solidarity is the key to recover Libya’s instability


Since our president is a servant of the system of the Mahdi, God is opening all doors for him

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Someone who hangs people and chops people up wouldn't make a Caliph. A Caliph should be a man of love. Whoever is determined to turn this world into a heaven on Earth is the Caliph. A Caliph is the one who brings the important features of Heaven into this world.


Sustainable stability in Turkey

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1-20 / Total: 1591
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