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Satan is mocking humanity with Darwinism. Darwinism is like the religion of satan and has virtually enslaved people.


Some people fail to realize that Darwinism is a philosophy that denies the existence of God. (God is above such thoughts) We are ending Darwinism with science and knowledge yet some people are unaware of this fact. They live secluded lives, they don't really see the truth. Those who fail to see the danger of Darwinism have a common language. They have a primitive and erroneous approach to the matter.


Sectarian divides have devastated the Islamic world. The Islam as lived by the Companions of our Prophet (saas) will make the world an incredibly beautiful place.


Some radicals argue in favor of radical ideas not because they really believe them, but because they want to keep people away from Islam.


Some rightist, traditionalist people condemn themselves to a very difficult life for no reason. This is not what God wants.


Satan will want to make people lethargic. One should fight lethargy, because if one yields to it, it will consume him/her completely.


Some ladies are hurting themselves by looking for faults in their appearance. Actually, what they think to be a flaw, most of the time, makes them beautiful and natural.


Some hateful people can’t stand to see anything beautiful around them. They should get rid of their hatred and jealousy.


Stronger industry, lots of construction doesn't mean there is quality. China is doing the same thing, but mostly, without quality.


Science Continues to Support The Big Bang

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Since the passing away of our Prophet (pbuh), Muslims have waited for the Mahdi. This wait has always made Muslims more driven and enthusiastic.


Some young people have ruined their lives with their lovelessness. It is important to help and advise these people patiently and carefully. Slowly and gradually, they will be able to get rid of that soul.


Some people wrongly think that religion should be practiced later in life. On the contrary, religion should be practiced as soon as one attains the age of reason. My friends devoted their entire youth to God.


Suicides result of materialism

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Surat an-Nur, verse 31 reveals the freedom granted to women. Those who claim that a person cannot even look at the kneecap of his mother are unable to grasp the meaning of this verse.


Some so-called scholars of Islam find it their duty to stop the Mahdi movement. They suppose they can stop it, yet they will see that they cannot.


Some circles ask for a confrontation between Muslims and Christians. Everyone should avoid language that could set the stage for it.


Some Muslims are indifferent to seditions such as Darwinism, hypocrites or the British deep state. They selfishly worry about their own future. Some attain many worldly gains since they never dwell on topics that are the main causes of pressure on Muslims. They never bring the way of the Mahdi, Islamic Union or the British deep state on the agenda in order to not do any harm to their interests.


Some people don't have any love in their hearts. As a result, they live in a sea of hatred and jealousy, which only hurts them. Islamic morality removes jealousy and hatred. Those distant to religion are jealous of God’s blessings to believers, but that brings them only pain.


Some sycophants of the British deep state are acting as spies in Turkey as well. Our government should be very cautious about them.

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21-40 / Total: 2240
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