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Traditional A9 TV Iftar banquet – a place where different ideas meet

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The Muslim countries should bond a strong friendship and cooperation

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Turkey-Qatar relations are quite amiable nowadays

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The problem between Qatar and the Gulf countries must be resolved as soon as possible

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The fiercest hypocrites of the End Times display the highest levels of foolish treachery, dishonesty and instability.


The hypocrites in the community of the Mahdi are the fiercest ones; they are almost a preview of the dajjal. The hadiths tells us that there will be around 30 different dajjals.


The education given in schools should be founded on general knowledge. Taking children’s individual talents into consideration would be advantageous.


Throwing litter into the streets shows a lack of manners. Those who do that are lowering their own quality of life first.


The dajjali system is constantly promoting hatred all around the world. And we are constantly negating that effect with positivity and love.


The universe is created for love. Without love, there would be no purpose to life. A lack of love will lead to disasters.


Those who claim that their hearts are in the right place yet do not thank God despite seeing the existence of God, are not being sincere.


Terrorists are raised with a Darwinist, materialist mindset. Draining that swamp would fundamentally solve the problem of terror. Many young people who are religious become communists after they learn about Darwinism in high school and begin to see violence, conflict and terrorism as ‘legitimate’ methods. The only solution to this problem is providing the right education to young people. Intellectually annihilating Darwinism and materialism would be the greatest victory.


There should be well-kept gardens, flowers in front of every house. Houses, clothes and even people’s lives are mostly only for the purpose of serving their functions. It is as if ‘survival’ is the only goal in their lives. However, without a desire for beauty, for quality and elegance, the life losses its joy too.


The Weight of Clouds

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The Formation of The Universe

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The Expanding Universe

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The Identity Hidden in The Fingerprint

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The Roundness of The Earth

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Three Dark Stages of The Baby in The Womb

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The Sequence in Development of Human Organs

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1-20 / Total: 8329
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