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The Messenger of God is the one Muslims would take as a role model. The philosophy of Rumi is never a model that Muslims would take as a role model. The Anatolian Mawlavism and Rumism that is instilled by the British Deep State are two completely different notions. Rumism that the British Deep State instills, welcomes homosexuality, Darwinism and all sorts of perversion.


The British Deep State wants Muslims in bell jars, unable to go out of their will while they stand watch with a sledge hammer at hand.


The deep states handle issues with a very few people. Persuading one or two important people with known methods would be enough.


The British Deep State has installed its spies in many newspapers around the world, brazenly promoting homosexuality and Rumi’s philosophy.


There weren’t enough Jews or lands in Palestine for a state, but Sultan Abdul Hamid II passed a law and allowed settlement of Jews in 36 places. During reign of Abdul Hamid II, the number of Jews living in Palestine increased threefold, which is very good.


Theodor Herzl was like an advisor to Sultan Abdul Hamid II.


The British Deep State first determined the borders of the state of Israel, and Sultan Abdul Hamid II, one way or another, gave those lands to Jewish people.


The George Soros mentality, linked to British Deep State, is seeking to cause agitation with the pretense of making Muslims transparent.


The Mahdi wouldn't come if it hadn’t been for the dajjal. Therefore the Dajjal's movement actually also serves the Mahdi.


The return of the Prophet Jesus, the appearance of the Mahdi and the presence of Gog and Magog are among the signs of Judgment Day.


Turkey: A second home for Syrians

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Turkey sees ‘manipulation’ in credit-rating downgrade

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The errors made at time of Sultan Abdul Hamid II are so obvious. We would have compassion because he was aggrieved, but we can't ignore his mistakes.


The hypocrite is always in trouble since he has forgotten God. Because he doesn't remember God at all, God forgets him also and he can't free himself from torment.


The majority of our intellectuals have become aware of the British Deep State. Almost every day this topic is on the agenda in Turkey.


The Age of Aquarius is a symbol referring to the system of Mahdi. There are many reliefs portraying Khidr and the bucket

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The most horrifying aspect of communism is that it is devoid of faith, spirit, and love of God

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The fear of God stems from the fear of losing God's appreciation

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The West should learn from their past mistakes

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The West should learn from their past mistakes

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21-40 / Total: 7068
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