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The criteria offered in the Qur’an is the most excellent way to understand people and be a good judge of character. The Qur’an helps us know both ourselves and others. By means of the Qur’an, we learn how not to hurt ourselves and other people, and also how to know other people.


The Khojaly Massacre was the work of British Deep State. The aim was to cut the ties between Azerbaijan, Turkey and the Turkish Islamic world.


The unity of Azerbaijan and Turkey is in our hearts. The only thing left is to remove the physical borders in between our countries.


The body is a beautiful painting God created. However, if it is not taken care of in a loving, pleasant, respectful manner, it might become repulsive.


The Qatar Crisis

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The Qatar Crisis

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The most important marker of a high-quality civilization is the extent that women enjoy freedom. A society where ladies are considered temptresses, where they are not allowed to look beautiful, cannot be a civilized society.


The Atmosphere: A Perfect Protective Shield

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Turkey-US Relationship and the Problem of YPG

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Turkey-US Relationship and the Problem of YPG

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The world’s economy is based on the continuation of war. Therefore, the troubles can end only when Hz. Mahdi comes.


The British deep state seeks to cause a divide between Iran and Turkey. Two countries have always been friends and will continue to be.


There is no commandment in the Qur’an about wife beating. On the contrary, the Qur’an exalts and protects women.


There were no sects at the time of Prophet (pbuh). Now there are almost four different religions. Muslims will be asked of the Qur’an alone.


The Qur’an is the last book from God and it applies until the end of the world.


The world will calm down, prosper and find peace with the coming of Mahdi. The world will then accept love.


Those who’re prejudiced against Kurds are racist and cruel people. They have a twisted understanding of superiority. But in fact, only piety and good actions make a person superior.


The basis of education should be love and fear of God. Coupled with general knowledge, it will bring tremendous improvement.


The believers are always aware that they are with God. A person, who is always with God, will be the most powerful person in the world.


The British deep state teaches savagery and oppression to the institutions it controls. A joint intellectual effort is required against it.

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21-40 / Total: 8427
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