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Trump’s being President would not bother believers. Muslims, Jews and Christians are all glad of his being elected; only homosexuals and unbelievers are not.


The fact that Khidr skillfully fixes a broken wall in the story of Moses and Khidr in the Qur’an shows that Khidr is a mason.


The term “junction between the two seas” (Qur’an, 18/61) in the story of Khidr indicates to Istanbul. The story of Khidr refers to the Mahdi movement.


The story of Dhul-Qarnayn in the Qur’an refers to the Mahdi movement and global dominion of Islamic morality.


The Rumi philosophy promoted by British Deep State scorns the concept of ‘fear of God’. That’s why they advocate Rumi philosophy so much.


They are giving Trump a hard time since he is against homosexuality and Darwinism and doesn't share the views of the British Deep State.


The British Deep State’s idea that “others’ war is our peace” is atrocious. They get richer by selling weapons.


Trump should address Islamophobia

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The intelligence in the atom, molecule and chromosome is far more greater than that of human

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The Committee of 300 constituting the dajjal movement was founded by the British deep state in 1727

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The British deep state seeks to get the Turkish Army involved in Raqqa, which falls outside our area of concern, so that we sustain losses

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The British deep state is the perpetrator of the July 15 and February 28; The USA is controlled by Britain

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Turkey should have good relations with all its neighbors. Let’s remove borders, passports, visas with Iran, Greece, Israel and Syria.


Turkey has the power necessary to defend the Islamic world. Our nation is a holy nation and will overcome all difficulties.


The Qur’an is the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). We preach Islam with the Qur’an.


The hadiths of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) states that the Mahdi will definitely appear even if there is one day left for the Last Day to break. The fact that the Mahdi will appear in Istanbul has been stated in the Jewish resources as well.


The British Deep State will be completely defeated in this century if Turkey, Russia and the US forge an alliance.


There are millions of aggrieved people in Syria and Iraq. One should be completely bereft of conscience if he doesn’t do anything for those aggrieved ones.


They are trying to present Trump as a threat to world peace. That is a hypocritical approach. On the contrary, Trump is someone who can contribute to the world peace.


There is a worldly greed in the character of the hypocrites. They always want more of everything. They have a formidable ambition for worldly life.

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21-40 / Total: 7313
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