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The Secret in The Iron

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The Sky That Returns

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The Female Honeybee

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The Relativity of Time

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The Seas Not Mingling With One Another

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The Qur'an is God's Revelation

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The fear of God is the fear of offending the One you love the most. God is the One we love the most. May God forbid, offending God would be the most harrowing pain.


The dark spell that puts people to sleep in unawareness and hurts them by encouraging selfishness and lovelessness is Darwinism. We will enlighten the world by scientifically ending Darwinism.


The majority of people distance themselves from religion when something doesn't suit their interests. For example, they don't get up to pray in the morning because sleeping feels better or they send away beggars instead of helping them.


The real reason behind humanity’s decline before doomsday will be the spread of hatred and vengeance after the Quran’s holy light leaves the world.


Tastelessness is a bad thing. We need to have a Ministry of Art and Quality that will work on quality and refinement. When art and beauty is lost, life becomes only about survival and functioning. When that happens, the world turns into a living hell.


The PKK’s ideology will be destroyed when Darwinism is destroyed. The destruction of Darwinism will be a harsh intellectual blow to the atheist system in the world.


Those who falsely claim there is supposedly evolution in the Qur’an should be confronted with the fact that the jinns, the angels, the residents of Heaven were created all of a sudden. Similar to the creation of the jinns and the angels at once, and not through evolution, human beings were not created through a process of evolution.


Those that seek to reconcile the Qur’an with deceit of evolution, are naturally forced to make very illogical claims. There is no creation by evolution in Qur’an.


The religious fanatics degrade women and assume almost everything to be forbidden for them

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The heaven is brought near to the believers in the hereafter

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The use of beauty and art is crucial while spreading the beautiful message of Islam. That’s why Prophet Solomon’s palace was majestic.


Turkey should be a leader in quality, modernism, women’s rights. If Turkey does that, every country would want to ally with Turkey. The main problem of Turkey is its inability to prove that it is a modern country, that women are respected and cherished in this country.


The presence of hypocrites is good for Muslims, because they make Muslims more vigilant, careful and stronger.


The British deep state usually infiltrates economies first and then destroys them from within. The British deep state also promised military and financial support to the Ottomans but then destroyed the Ottoman Empire from within.

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21-40 / Total: 8329
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