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Turkey is a democratic country and this is not Turkey's first referendum. Under all circumstances, the outcome will be auspicious.


The subject of hypocrisy is very important for the Islamic world. We'll always dwell on this subject.


The British deep state has troubled Turkey since Sultan Abdulhamid II’s era. Abdulhamid II was also a victim of the British deep state.


Trying to break up Turkey amounts to preventing the Islamic Union, which is impossible. We will never allow that.


The Kurds are gorgeous people. We have been brothers with Kurds since the time of Prophet Adam (pbuh). No one can drive a wedge between the Kurds and us.


The proponents of the traditionalist, orthodox system preach something they don't also practice. The life they describe is impossible.


The British deep state created both fascism and communism and then turned the whole world into a bloodbath by making the two sides fight.


The British deep state is behind Turkey's failed coup attempt of July 15. While trying to show a nice face to Turkey, they planned a coup behind closed doors.


The blind hatred of Jews is diametrically opposed to the Qur'an. God would never curse an entire people.


The unrest that appeared in Syria was foretold extensively in the hadiths as well. This unrest will go on until the appearance of the Mahdi.


The events that will take place in regions such as Damascus, Egypt and Iraq are explained extensively in the Torah. Deep powers act according to these narrations.


The policy of the British deep state is founded on racism. The financial backers of the British deep state were the ones that nourished and fostered Hitler.


The British deep state is the founder of both fascism and communism. Consequently it is the British deep state that founded and nourished Nazism.


The British deep state launched a full-fledged attack. Despite everything, our government is still strong; this is an important achievement.


The dajjal [antichrist], the head of the British deep state, is targeting our President. Of course we will defend him using all legal means.


The dajjal [antichrist] is the head of the British deep state.


The belief of the Mahdi definitely exists on the subconscious level in every people.


There's no rajm [stoning] punishment in the Qur'an. They present it as if it exists in order to spread Islamophobia, especially in Europe.


The love between children and their pets is incredible; a very nice form of love that profoundly affects the souls.


The world promised by the misogynists is like hell. However, the world becomes a place like heaven when the Qur'an is followed.

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41-60 / Total: 8135
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