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We’ll be friends with Iran, with Russia. The British Deep State is wrong to think that with their feeble games they can manipulate our people.


We understand from the Qur’an that the main goal of hypocrites is taking up Muslims’ time.


We should act quickly to strengthen our amity with Russia. Let us invite President Putin to Turkey and sign new trade and military deals.


We will reinforce Turkish-Russian relations even more. Russian people are very much like Anatolian people in terms of nature. Russia will always be our friend.


Women are precious beings. I am baffled that women are not appreciated.


We should not be deceived by plots and be cautious against provocation. If we form Islamic Union right now, all these plots will collapse from the base.


What is more natural than Muslims uniting? There is a plot to pit Muslims against each other through Shia-Sunni distinction. We should beware.


What we criticize is not the British people or its state but the British Deep State. The British Deep State became a source of trouble for the British as well.


Widely acknowledged hadith reference books like Bukhari and Muslim include non-Qur'anic orders like killing people who shave or drink alcohol. In order to end violence, it is crucial that such non-Qur'anic orders are immediately removed from hadith books.


Women in Tribal Culture and True Islam

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What characteristics of the beloved Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will we see in his second coming?

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Whatever the British Deep State and treacherous hypocrites do, it will get in their way. Whatever happens will be bad for them and good for believers.


What was the reason of Abdulhamid's long reign?

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When the British Deep State tries to find sycophants for its use, it influences young girls in countries like Pakistan by paying them compliments like ‘‘you are a genius” and hence pampers their arrogance.


When Shia and Sunni acted together in the Siege of Kut al-Amara, they made a historical victory. Now we will be together as Sunni and Shia once again.


We have to be cautious against hypocrites. Hypocrites that are among the Shia and Sunni communities cause enmity.


What are the methods of the British deep state for communicating with its spies?

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Whatever the evil plan hypocrites devise God makes it come out good for believers.


What does the British Islam introduced by the British deep state promote?

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When satan falls down on hypocrites their bodies almost become beastly. The Qur’an draws special attention to the emptiness in their looks.

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41-60 / Total: 2077
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