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Adnan Oktar: It was me who told most of the Masonic secrets to masons

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Ahmadinejad is telling the truth. The aim of Greater Middle East Project is to prevent the system of the Mahdi

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All the official institutions in the US have always been in the hands of Freemasons. George Washington, for instance is a grand Master. All of the presidents of the US until today were Freemasons without exception.


ALL FREEMASONS WILL COME TO HAVE FAITH, BY ALLAH’S LEAVE. They will all be the people of Allah, insha’Allah. THEY WILL ALL SUPPORT ALLAH. AND THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR, TOO. The day has come. Look, I am writing it down here.


Atheist masons are in a state of panic

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Atheist freemasons got into a flap

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Atheist masonic denial of the soul

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