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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (11 September 2016)

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Dr.Anjeanette Roberts: Can a Single Cell Come About Through an Evolutionary Process

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Dr. Anjeanette Roberts: How Can We Make Use of Viruses Medicine Other Disciplines

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Dr. Anjeanette Roberts: It is Amazing Learning About Viruses

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Our intellectual efforts against atheist Freemasonry will continue. We are forever friends and allies with believing Masons.


There is an ongoing intellectual struggle between the atheistic Masons and believing Masons of the world at the moment.


The main principle of Freemasonry is freedom of thought, respect for ideas, peace, friendship and brotherhood. Yet not every Mason can match that level of refinement. Surely there can be ignorant people among Masons that don't respect ladies and all humans in general, or who have no respect for art or refinement.


Freemasonry has surprisingly ancient origins. Even on 12-thousand-year-old reliefs, Masonic symbols can be found. This is really surprising.


There are small, illegal groups in every country that claim to be Masons. They are not really linked to true Freemasons. Atheists that infiltrated Freemasonry for personal gains or small groups that pretend to be Masons shouldn't be taken seriously.


True Freemasonry is an ancient institute going back thousands of years. It believes in God and has an open-minded mentality that respects ideas, faiths and values women. True Freemasonry doesn't recognize or take seriously those small, atheistic groups that formed by themselves and claim to be atheist Masons.


Göbeklitepe was a Masonic temple. Amazingly, Freemasonry existed even then.


Atheistic Freemasons and those who join Freemasonry to pursue material goals actually have nothing to do with Freemasonry. Right now, atheism is on the decline in Freemasonry and its influence is weakening.


I have never approved atheistic Freemasonry and always made my intellectual stance against it very clear.


A water cup is a significant Masonic symbol that is found thousand-year-old inscriptions and wall pictures. It refers to the age of Aquarius. Ancient civilizations also mentioned that the salvation of the humankind would take place in the age of Aquarius. We live in the age of Aquarius right now.


Live Conversations of Mr. Adnan Oktar with Creationist Scientists from America and Italy, 20 May 2017

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True love is based on the love for God

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Dr. Jeff Zweerink: "What can creationists do more together to tell people about the falsity of the evolutionary theory and the fact of creation?"

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Dr. Jeff Zweerink: What is the significance of this conference?

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Dr. Jeff Zweerink’s comments on Istanbul

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Dr. Jeff Zweerink: About the Big Bang

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