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For Children

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Uncle Darwin, We Haven't Changed


Charles Darwin and His Magic Barrel


24 Hours in the Life of a Muslim


Skillful Dam Builders: Beavers


The World of Our Little Friends, Ants


The World of Animals


The Glory in the Heavens


Let’s Learn Our Islam


Stories for Thinking Children 2


Stories for Thinking Children 1


Honeybees That Build the Perfect Combs


Let's get to know our Prophets - for children 11


A journey in the world of animals - for children 3


A voyage through the universe - for children 4


Life in the seas - for children 5


The blessings around us - for children 9


Animals that can hide (for children - 7)


Mother's love and solidarity - for children 6


The fact of creation - for children 1


The world of plants


Giving surprises to children and making them happy is a great joy.


Loving children is from the morality of the Prophets. This is how the way of Allah is. Loving children is in the morality of the Heaven. Children are great blessings.


The joy, sweetness of children that immaculate expression on their faces and that radiance coming from their innocence is amazing. It is a great blessing to watch children. That is because you are face to face with an innocent person, like an angel, that is amazing. Masha’Allah.


There is this peace, radiance and cleanliness of innocence on children.


Let children love Allah, let them love the Qur’an. Let us protect them from the dissension of Darwinism, from the dissension of materialism, communism, from the dissension of godless and Bookless mentalities. With all our might, let us teach them the beauty of holy values and the beauty of the Qur’an. Let the hearts of those beautiful beings be filled with the love of Allah.


Seeing an innocent person is a treat to the eyes, it is a treat to the soul. Children are innocent, sinless, masha’Allah, Alhamdulillah. They have no sin, they are radiant like light, masha’Allah.


As children are innocent like angels, their looks are a treat for the soul. Immaculate and sinless, innocent looks are very beautiful.


It’s important to introduce the Qur'an to children (12.03.2014)


Young girls are very fragile, flower -like beings. If you do not pay attention they could fade away. They should be very well looked after and cared for everywhere they go.


A person must ask for education, wealth, marriage and having children for God's approval

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