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A hypocrite is actually not a human being. He’s satan in the human form. People generally don’t understand this.


The hypocrites have a secret language among themselves. A hypocrite recognizes another hypocrite right away and understands him. Sincere Muslims can see this language clearly when they look at them rationally.


The hyocrite has his target list. His primary target is the believer whom he considers to be the most pious.


Every hypocrite has his informants and minions within Muslims. Satan establishes teams that will support the hypocrites.


The British deep state definitely kills its hypocrite spies after their work is over.


The hypocrite doesn’t take ablution or pray when they’re not seen. They don’t want to be present where God is remembered. They live by the religion only to show off.


Rational struggle against the hypocrite is one of the most important attributes of Muslims. Success over hypocrites brings about success over the irreligion.


Hypocrites’ attempts to do harm to Muslims opens the minds of Muslims and adds to their enthusiasm.


In the time of Prophet Moses (pbuh), rather than being thankful for being saved from Pharoah’s persecution, hypocrites wanted to go back to the Egyptian lifestyle.


The hypocrite takes pleasure from everything secret. Rather than living in a peaceful and legitimate way, they want treachery.


Because the hypocrite wants to act in a treachreous way, they spend their lives in tension, filth and flattering. Their end has always been disasterous.


In every age, the hypocrite cooperates with deep states. They hatch plots against Muslims and puts their treacherous acts into action.


Hypocrites made trouble for Prophets Moses, Lot and Mohammad (peace be upon them all) and then marytred Ali, Hasan and Omar. They were treacherous.


In the time of our Prophet (pbuh) hypocrites wanted to enter his house sneakily and stay there for long in order to find something against him.


The hypocrite wants to take advantage from the moments that Muslims take a break. That’s why they make sudden attacks.


In his own way hypocrites try to take Muslims by surprise. That is why they enter houses abruptly. In the time of our Prophet (pbuh) they entered houses from the back.


The system of antichrist [dajjal] acts upon senses of revenge. In the hadith it’s stated that antichrist is accompanied with fire. Starting fires is an act of the system of antichrist.


The British Deep State can also put acts like the fires in Israel in Turkey and in other countries. Caution is needed.


The fires in Israel are an effort that requires organized work. It’s impossible for any particular group to make it. This is the act of the British Deep State. To start a fire a very meticulous plan is put into action. For this plan, information regarding direction and force of wind and the regions that will be burned are used.


The embodiment of perfection

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1-20 / Total: 32924
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