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Almighty Allah will guide Hazrat Mahdi (as) with His wisdom, knowledge and the guidance


The Miracle of Electricity in the Body


Photosynthesis: The Green Miracle


Eternity Has Already Begun


A Chain of Miracles


The Glad Tidings of the Messiah


Miracles of the Qur’an Vol.1


Allah's Miracles in The Qur'an Vol.1


Prophet Solomon (pbuh)


Knowing the Truth


A journey in the world of miracles


Knowing our lord - for children 12


Prophet Sulayman (pbuh)


The miracle in birds


The order of the heavens


It is the Turkish-Islamic Union that will make the Tunisian people attain the longed-for peace


Important and new statements regarding the story of Hazrat Khidr (as) in the surat al Kahf


Hazrat Mahdi (as) will possess the knowledge of all the Prophets


Hazrat Mahdi (as) will enlighten the Turkish nation with his deep knowledge


Everyone's minds will open and they will possess greater knowledge in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as)


Hazrat Mahdi (as) will notice something extraordinary


According to what has been foretold in the hadiths; the scientific attacks of the Mahdi (pbuh) will be very powerful.


Allah tells us not to act harsh against the system of the Dajjal but to approach them gently with knowledge, science and compassion.


While talking about PKK, solution should be pronounced as well. The solution is officially conducting scientific studies that will collapse Darwinism and Materialism.


Science, knowledge and ideas are the way to stop PKK.


Allah is the Owner of the knowledge. A real Muslim would never say that he is a scholar.


Allah is the Owner of the knowledge. A real Muslim would never say that he is a scholar.


Allah is the One Who knows and man is ignorant. No matter how much one learns, no matter to what extent one obtains knowledge, one would only realize the extent of his ignorance as he reads. Especially learned people understand that even better.


Knowledge is in the Sight of Allah. We cannot know anything other than what Allah teaches us. Consequently Allah is the One Who knows everything, we are always ignorant. Allah is the One Who possesses everything, we are always in need.


How is it acceptable to apply quota to science and knowledge? Internet should be free in the whole country; it should be free of charge.


As we talk with science and wisdom, the antichrist spiritually melts down, as we talk about that, the separatists spiritually melt down just like salt melting in water. What is the system of the Mahdi? It is cruelty, it is ruthlessness, it is a cruel, ruthless system of violence, terror and bloodshed and it is carrying out all kinds of such acts related with those.


Communism can only be defeated with scientific struggle. Attempts to stop communism through force have failed all over the world.


Ignorance brings about communism. Ignorance brings about fascism. Ignorance brings about wild capitalism. A cultured, well-informed person would not get into those tracks. That is because once one sees information, he would be seeing Allah’s artistry. Once one sees the artistry of Allah, he would fall in love with Allah. One who falls in love with Allah would fear Allah and feel a profound love. Such a person would abide by the Qur’an. He would thus become the most perfect, best person on earth, insha’Allah.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (2 November 2013)


A stern person might become a lenient, gentle individual; a stubborn person might become an easy-going person. No one is bound to remain the same, no idea is bound to remain constant. Anything that is wrong can be corrected with love, science and reason, insha’Allah.


God is All-Knowing. He possesses endless knowledge. We simply are given drops from God's knowledge as a blessing from Almighty God. Or else we have nothing. Consequently no one could claim to be wise or all-knowing; all men are ignorant.


The names of Allah: Al-Alim (The All-Knowing)


Some people use their knowledge only to show off and sell themselves. They do not think about earning the good will of God. Such people are described in the Qur'an as "donkeys loaded with weighty tomes" All knowledge must be used to earn the good will of God.


If people use their knowledge for mischief and conflict, God will not be pleased with this behavior.


Science belongs to God. He is the One Who creates that knowledge and also the One Who makes that scientific discoveries.


Every problem can be solved with love, kindness, reason and wisdom.


I am against terror and violence in every way. Struggle can only be intellectual through love, peace, knowledge and wisdom.


We have the obligation to pray to God asking, "Almighty Lord, grant me wisdom." Wisdom belongs only to God.

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