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Some people say, “What if God did not create pain?” Well then you would be obtuse. Let us say that you have gone by the river in Heaven; you would simply look at it with vain eyes. But if you have suffered through ordeals, you would kiss each and every single one of the pebble stones in Heaven numerous times. Almighty God gives people a lengthy life and makes them experience these ordeals because it is crucial. After that people people return to normal.


Some people ask, “Why does God create pain?” There is beauty in the essence of pain that is why. Paradise cannot be attained without pain. There is no love without pain. A person would then be obtuse. One needs to go through all these ordeals and pains to gain that profundity.


The US is in trouble, they are fed up with the presidential system and they want to rid themselves off the presidential system. The Parliamentary system is the wisest of all. The countries that have presidential systems in the Southeast or Asia have all turned into dictatorships and either ruined their people, or bloodily collapsed and ruined their leadership.


A presidential system is highly dangerous for Turkey. This would be the source of many troubles. There is a plot behind it, a plot to break up Turkey.


Gitmo: A wound that continues to fester

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France should act in a rational way and refrain from moves that may cause incidents like Paris attacks

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In the system of antichrist inciting to crime and then sentencing to death is oppression

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Shiites and Sunnis not praying together at a meeting of the Islamic Union is a disgrace.

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MV TV's spot for the Harun Yahya conference Tour in Maldives

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Haveeru Online announces Harun Yahya conferences


Islamic Foundation of Maldives Organized a Press Conference to Introduce Harun Yahya Conferences


National Yemen Newspaper Interviews Harun Yahya


Adnan Oktar's meeting with the famous actor and director Steven Seagal


Al-Khabar Newspaper Interviews Harun Yahya


Radio France Website highlights the impact of 'Atlas of Creation' on France


Collapse of Darwinism Conference at Wasil School


Do Not Forget Nigeria While Standing Up For Charlie


Do Not Forget Nigeria While Standing Up For Charlie


To be able to say what is right, as well as just what is wrong

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240-Million-Year-Old Pollen Fossil Discovered

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21-40 / Total: 23857
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