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Iran, Press TV web site, July 23rd, 2009, interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar by Mehdi Gholizadeh


A common currency era will begin between Iran and Turkey


Turkey, an intermediary between Pakistan and Iran


Turkey and Iran are establishing joint industrial region


A union is forming between Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria


Turkish president Gül: Iran never uses nuclear bomb


Lira (currency) period with Iran


Iran: Nuclear bombs are illicit


Moving toward a common currency with Iran


Iran waives visas for Azeris


Iran: Let us do away with visas between Islamic countries


A common currency era will begin between Iran and Turkey


Shared industrial zone is being established on the border with Iran


Turkey, an intermediary between Pakistan and Iran


Turkey and Iran are establishing joint industrial region


Beware of Darwinist Falsehoods (


Darwinist Corruption in the Arab World (


Brother Country Iran (


Chief of Staff of Iran's Armed Forces, Major General Sayyid Hassan Firouzabadi Is Presenting His Appreciation of the Book ''The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) Will Come This Century''


There will be no war between Iran and Israel, it is inappropriate to occupy the agenda by falsified news


Iran, Daneshmand magazine, March 29, 2009, interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar by Kourosh Ziabari


Iran, Daily Kayhan, 20 August 2008


Iran, Tehran Times, interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar by Kourosh Ziabari, 23 January 2009


Errors of Iran's propaganda film about the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), ''The coming is upon us''


Chief Of Staff Of Iran's Armed Forces, Major General Sayyid Hassan Firouzabadi Is Presenting His Appreciation Of The Book ''The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) And Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) Will Come This Century''


Ahmadinejad talked about Hazrat Mahdi (a.s) on FOX TV in September 24, 2010


Iran waives visas for Azeris


Moving toward a common currency with Iran


Nuclear weapons are against our creed


Iran told us to be the ''Peacekeeper''


Iran calls on turkey for a common market


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 7 February 2012


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 9 March 2012


The reason they regard Iran as a threat is their belief in the invisible Mahdi. This faith in an invisible Mahdi in Iran resembles making a wish by fastening rags on a tree.


THEY WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE TO FOLLOW THE MAHDI, AS YOU WILL SEE. Iran will eventually free itself of that dead-end, belief in an invisible Mahdi, and will seek the true Mahdi (pbuh) and will have to accept him, and they will abandon all nonsense.


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 7 April 2012


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 8 April 2012


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 9 April 2012


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 10 April 2012


The salvation of Israel is not in war but in the belief in the real Messiah [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)]


Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with Iranian State TV – IRIB (A9 TV, March 15th 2012)


In Iran and Saudi Arabia irreligion spreads very rapidly


Iran has become a country that gives a struggle against the system of the Mahdi


Some of the leaders in Iran do not want the Unity of Islam


Iran supports Syria and the PKK because they are communists


There will be no war between Israel and Iran


Iran is a communist country that has adopted dialectic - Darwinist- materialistic education system


Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 14 September 2012


Secret, private meetings should be held for the cooperation of Turkey and Iran. To hold such secret meetings for goodness is the method of the Prophet Noah (pbuh).


It is the Iranian deep state that is communist. Mr. Ahmadinejad is not a person within that communist structuring.


US- Turkey – Iran should do good by forming an alliance; they should take Al-Assad out of Syria.


Ahmadinejad; Muslims must Set aside any dissensions and get United


While there is still time, before it is too late Turkey should unite with Iran.




We will have our Kurdish brothers in Iran, in Iraq, in Syria, also in Turkey live a happiest life in the warm environment of the Unity of Islam, insha'Allah.


Iran is one of those countries in which Darwinism is taught most strongly.


People assume that Iran is governed by shariah law. Actually Iran is a classical communist state. It is one of those countries in which irreligiousness is most widespread.


Darwinism is preached very extensively in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria , Libya but the Darwinism is preached most comprehensively in Saudi Arabia and Iran.


The country where atheism is spreading most rapidly is Saudi Arabia, a country that gives its youth a Darwinist education


“Joining the Shanghai Group without having Islamic Union would mean joining Asia’s ruthless and bloodthirsty mafia”


We wouldn't have a fight with Iran. We will make an alliance with Iran, insha'Allah.


Sincere people like Ahmadinajad have to be supported. There are people who assume the role of antichrist in Iran.


If Turkey is not another Egypt, another Iran or another Pakistan today; it is all because Ataturk.


Adnan Oktar: “We Don't Want Bloodshed In Syria. It Should Be A Rescue Operation Not A War.”


If Iran decides to bomb Israel, US would tear down Iran. The US and Europe would not let anyone touch Israel. Iran should not play the tough in vain. They should give up that attitude and make reasonable, dignified statements.


What Iran should do is to give up that ghostly-Mahdi understanding, that polytheistic understanding of Mahdi and embrace the truthful understanding of the Mahdi that is compliant with the Qur'an and be brothers with the Islamic countries. Iran should put an end to egocentricity and fanaticism.


Actually, Iran is the head of the whole dissension and is carrying out the protectorate of communism in the region.


America must support the system of the Mahdi and Islamic Unity (07.09.2013)


The Iranian belief of Mahdi which regards him –may God forbid- as if he is God, is very dangerous.


There is a communist regime in Iran. A cover of Islam is being put over it; a cover of Muslims is being put over that regime. They are almost mocking religion- may God forbid. They have an expectation of a ghostly Mahdi. And they are keeping the communist system up and alive. They have formed a communist alliance with China and Russia.


Israel will be saved not by the annihilation of atom bombs but by the King Messiah. (16.10.2013)


Just like Pharaoh, fanaticism also imposes a belief system on people (14.10.2013)


Netanyahu’s request from the international community about making pressure on Iran would not be a solution (21.10.2013)


Iran can never ever attack Israel; they are simply trying to collect points in their own way.


Fanatics are the obstacle to Iran and Turkey being friends (01.11.2013)


Iran will not be affected by the nuclear negotiations (25.11.2013)


A path to a new Iran? Hopefully


The US deep state drifts the Middle East into a calamity on the grounds of an imaginary allegation of 'atom bomb' (23.12.2013)


Rouhani: We Want Everybody Know That Our Aim is Peaceable


Harun Yahya's interview by Kourosh Ziabari, Fars news Agency English Service


If two of world's most powerful countries, Turkey and Iran unite, that would be the end of it anyway. Not only it would bring wealth to the Middle East, it would also make America, Russia and China rich.


It was very good how our prime minister referred to Iran as his second home (29&31.01.2014)


Leaders holding a modern conception of Islam must come together and be role models for their peoples (24.01.2014)


Iran must be warned about its "execution" policy (15.02.2014)


Iran-Turkey: Relations of old friends


Condemnation of the Iranian actress Leila Khatami is about something the faith never says (24.05.2014)


They want to bring down the regime in Iran (25.05.2014)


Hassan Rouhani’s last statements are very important


Shiites and Sunnis not praying together at a meeting of the Islamic Union is a disgrace.


Most of the Islamic scholar in Iran and other countries affirm that the practices of IS are existing in hadith


Turkey-Iran Bilateral Relations


Muslims must put an end to inter-sectarian slaughter


PJAK feared Iran and immediately fell apart. Yet Turkey is still negotiating with the PKK about splitting up


Some European and American politicians say nothing about the PKK to Iran, but find it easy to separate Turkey


Iran should be compassionate. They should become a European society. We should be able to go to Iran fearlessly. All women are living there in fear. Why do you impose an obligation about headscarves? Let those who want to cover their heads cover them, and let those who do not want to cover them don’t.


Actually the regime in Iran is a communist regime; they likely support the PKK. That is because Iran has very close ties with all communist countries. They appear to have an Islamic regime, but in truth they have a communist regime as a foundation. But to appear reasonable to the public they present themselves as Muslims. That is the say, the state is actually communist but the people are religious.


When nations fail to learn from past


The PKK's aim is not democratic autonomy in the region, but an independent communist Kurdistan


Adnan Oktar: In Iran not even a man's right to change his sect is recognized. Such conduct causes Islamophobia.


Adnan Oktar: PKK became very spoiled because there is democracy, love and compassion in Turkey


Adnan Oktar: The PKK’s demand for an irregular army would work against it. Iran destroyed the PKK using counter insurgency forces


Iran is already strong and influential in the region right now. That is because they carry an enthusiasm stemming from religion, stemming from the system of the Mahdi.


Whoever loves the Mahdi (pbuh) God deems them strong. Because Iran loves the Mahdi (pbuh) God takes away the scourge of the PKK from them, He gives them strength and power, he gives them courage. Whoever keeps away from the Mahdi is crushed and ruined. For instance, Iraq assumed an attitude against the system of the Mahdi and it is ruined. Syria, Egypt assumed an attitude against the system of the Mahdi and they are ruined.


Iran's policy is shaped directly in pursuance of the system of the Mahdi. They are nurturing an army of a million soldiers, the army of the Mahdi. They are binding everything to the Mahdi night and day. In Israel, they are praying for the coming of the Moshiach three times a day. While this is the case, if you turn a blind eye to that, it would be your loss. That is because history progresses in this direction.


Iran Must Encourage Union And Brotherhood In Yemen, Not Division


Uniting the Islamic world is Heaven on Earth. Even if only Iran and Turkey united, Islam would easily and rapidly prevail in the world. But there should be no sectarian ambitions and there should be a very sincere love among them.


It is very wrong to look for the Mahdi at the bottom of a well and it is also very wrong to deny the Mahdi: Within the clear, explicit hadiths, one should look for the Mahdi (pbuh) with a sincere conscience.


Iran should hang on to the system of the Mahdi, for the sake of God and bring it up. They should bring up that name very frequently; they will find their salvation there. However they should do so not in the form of superstitions but rationally, sincerely and scientifically. Let them do as I have said and they will see the result.


Mahdi (pbuh) will be the one who will save Iran. God made Shias love him this much and they are the ones who appreciate the Mahdi. They should hold on to the Mahdi (pbuh). Yet they are only talking about the Mahdi (pbuh) very rarely; that is very bad. Especially their head of state should bring the place down with the name of the "Mahdi".


Deaths Cannot Stop More People Being Killed


Iran, Turkey and the future of the Middle East


Shias and Sunnis are brother, it is very wrong to discriminate between Islamic schools


Iran is a country that Turkey should urgently become friends with. How nice that they are all Muslims, how nice that they are all devout. How nice that they are one of the strongest military powers of the region. How nice that they have such a settled structure of state.


Iran is a Darwinist nation. If one is a Darwinist, that means he does not believe in God; it means he does not believe in religion. The superstitions Mullahs are preaching are terrifying. Consequently, irreligiousness is very widespread; atheism is very widespread among the youth.


If Iran and Turkey circumvent Kandil, there would be no need for armed conflict, they would all come out. That is because they cannot possibly pile up three-months' food. They would have to surrender. The government should do this.


The PKK should be wiped out of the region with laws and the legal system. That would be a great lesson for the US. But it should be done in cooperation with Iran. They should make an agreement with Iran, they should jointly decide on annihilating the PKK within the mainframe of the law. I mean they should make an agreement about the fight against terrorism. That would form an enormous power. The two of them should wipe the PKK off the region together.


Iran and Turkey to bring peace to the Middle East


American can not pressurize Iran, China or Korea as it does Turkey


Iran and Turkey should become allies and open their borders


Mr. Adnan Oktar's live interview with Mr. Kourosh Ziabari of Iran Tehran Times (April 15th, 2015)


Iran, Turkey and Barzani can cooperate against the PKK


Rouhani: “We Can Find A Solution In The Region Through An Iran-Turkey Cooperation”


Efforts on the Part of the Kandil, the U.S. Secret State and Iran Alliance to Sideline Barzani


Iran is our friend and ally. We need to love Iran. Animosity against Iran is not right. We need to be friends with Iran. Shias are very immaculate, devout people. They are Godfearing. Animosity against Shias is atrocious.


Iran nuclear deal: A victory of diplomacy


Iran and Turkey: A Common Legacy that will Shape the Region


Our Prophet foretold: “Hazrat Mahdi will capture Mount Daylam (the PKK’s base region) and he will rout it completely


Before and after: Nuclear deal and its implications for Russia-Iran relations


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (18 September 2015)


Importance of Turkey to Iranian economic renewal


In Torah, it is said that in the year when the Moshiach (Hazrat Mahdi) appears, the Persian King shall provoke the Arab King into a war


The end of sanctions heralds a new beginning for Iran


Iran, Saudi reconciliation need of the day


In the sources of Torah, it is stated that ‘King of Persia will be against Israel when Moshiach (Hazrat Mahdi (as)) comes.’


All for one, one for all


The glorious month of Ramadan


We need to approach Iran with love and compassion. If Iran, Pakistan and Turkey unite, all the Islamic world will attain relief.


If Iran, Pakistan and Turkey joined forces, the Islamic world would immediately follow suit. This union would become reality in a matter of hours after calls of ‘brotherhood and solidarity’.


Certain circles sought to create sectarian clashes between Iran-Turkey. Through our intellectual efforts, we did not let that happen.


Russia, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey must form a political, military and economic alliance as soon as possible.


Iran and Russia are beautiful countries. They might have errors, but they're not treacherous like the British Deep State. Turkey must be allies with them.


Turkey is not against NATO or the EU. But we will become allies with Russia and Iran.


Our sectarian differences are not important. We believe in the same Qur'an as Shiites. Let's become allies with Iran, Pakistan and Russia.


All groups in Israel, Iran and the Middle East believe that the coming of the Mahdi is true and are enthusiastically awaiting him.


If Turkey, Russia, Iran and Pakistan come together and decide on it, it means the Islamic Union has been established.


Turkey should establish a strong alliance with Russia and Iran. Shia are pure Muslims. This friendship will be of great benefit for the region.


It would be very beneficial for the entire region and its people if Turkey, Russia and Iran act in union.


A new ploy is to collapse the economy and take hold of Turkey. Our nation is vigilant and will overcome this. Let's ally with Iran and Russia.


If the the British Deep State is not disclosed in the real sense of the word, they also want to fragment Turkey, Iran and Russia like Syria and Iraq. The region must ally.


Shia are pure Muslims. We would never support any movement that is disfavorable for them. We want them all to be in goodness since we are all brothers. Any conflict between Shia and Sunni communities would only benefit the British Deep State. Muslims will have great power once Iran, Turkey and Pakistan ally.


Iran, Syria, Iraq, India and Pakistan, all are oppressed but none of them stand against the British Deep State and ask for unity.


Both Iranians and Jews are religious people. Some people make a big mistake by being averse to them.


Iran, Barzani and Turkey can forge a friendly alliance in the region


Russian President Putin is a brave person. Turkey’s alliance with Russia is very significant. Cooperation with Iran, Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan would be very good in the region.


Let us communicate with Iran for strengthening their friendship with Turkey. Iran should not give allowance to the PKK in the region.


Turkey should have a definitive stance against the separation of Syria. Turkey can act together with Russia and Iran on this matter.


Turkey should approach Iran with love and compassion and as a friend. That friendship would bring blessings.


Iran should act in cooperation with Turkey both in terms of military and intelligence regarding the PKK terror organization. Iran should definitely work together with Turkey.


Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and all other Islamic countries should definitely unite and ally.


Turkey, Iran and Russia should definitely act in alliance. This will bring power, peace and prosperity to the region.


Dissent between Iran and Barzani would not be right. Iran, Barzani and Turkey may form a friendly alliance in the region.


The British Deep State wants to incite Muslims against Muslims. Both Iran and Iraq are friends and brothers of Turkey.


Some circles want to make Turkey enemies with Iraq, Syria and Iran. People of all three countries are our friends. Muslims are one another’s brothers.


Just as British Shiism is a grave danger for Iran, British Sunnism is a significant danger for Turkey.


It is imperative that Turkey allies with Iran and Russia. It is important that the territorial integrity of Syria and Iraq are preserved.


If Turkey, Iran and Russia form an alliance, they can render the influence of the British Deep State ineffective. It is important to behave rational and poisedly.


Why did the Americans elect Trump?


Turkey should have good relations with all its neighbors. Let’s remove borders, passports, visas with Iran, Greece, Israel and Syria.


It would be great if Russia, Turkey and Iran support Trump. We want the US to return to their former religious and happy days and to revive the American Dream.

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