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We wouldn't have a fight with Iran. We will make an alliance with Iran, insha'Allah.


Sincere people like Ahmadinajad have to be supported. There are people who assume the role of antichrist in Iran.

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If Turkey is not another Egypt, another Iran or another Pakistan today; it is all because Ataturk.


Adnan Oktar: “We Don't Want Bloodshed In Syria. It Should Be A Rescue Operation Not A War.”

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If Iran decides to bomb Israel, US would tear down Iran. The US and Europe would not let anyone touch Israel. Iran should not play the tough in vain. They should give up that attitude and make reasonable, dignified statements.


What Iran should do is to give up that ghostly-Mahdi understanding, that polytheistic understanding of Mahdi and embrace the truthful understanding of the Mahdi that is compliant with the Qur'an and be brothers with the Islamic countries. Iran should put an end to egocentricity and fanaticism.


Actually, Iran is the head of the whole dissension and is carrying out the protectorate of communism in the region.


America must support the system of the Mahdi and Islamic Unity (07.09.2013)

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The Iranian belief of Mahdi which regards him –may God forbid- as if he is God, is very dangerous.


There is a communist regime in Iran. A cover of Islam is being put over it; a cover of Muslims is being put over that regime. They are almost mocking religion- may God forbid. They have an expectation of a ghostly Mahdi. And they are keeping the communist system up and alive. They have formed a communist alliance with China and Russia.


Israel will be saved not by the annihilation of atom bombs but by the King Messiah. (16.10.2013)

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Just like Pharaoh, fanaticism also imposes a belief system on people (14.10.2013)

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Netanyahu’s request from the international community about making pressure on Iran would not be a solution (21.10.2013)

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Iran can never ever attack Israel; they are simply trying to collect points in their own way.


Fanatics are the obstacle to Iran and Turkey being friends (01.11.2013)

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Iran will not be affected by the nuclear negotiations (25.11.2013)

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A path to a new Iran? Hopefully


The US deep state drifts the Middle East into a calamity on the grounds of an imaginary allegation of 'atom bomb' (23.12.2013)

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Rouhani: We Want Everybody Know That Our Aim is Peaceable

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Harun Yahya's interview by Kourosh Ziabari, Fars news Agency English Service

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61-80 / Total: 135
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