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Islamic countries

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Ten Islamic countries are uniting around business


Islamic countries have to unite their strengths


A call to union from the leaders of Islamic countries


Iran: Let us do away with visas between Islamic countries


In exports Islamic countries in favour


Muslim countries are doing away with their borders


Turkey a regional leader


The lifting of visas is grounds for celebration


Verses from Surah Yusuf indicating the system of the Mahdi


Beware of Darwinist Falsehoods (


Darwinist Corruption in the Arab World (


Islam: The noble path


The Winter Of Islam And The Spring To Come


A call for an Islamic Union


Developments in Bahrain, Yemen and other Islamic countries must not be allowed to turn into a sectarian conflict.


How Islamic Union will affect the economic development


Mr. Erdogan called Islamic countries to use their financial resources for good


Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey: Islamic countries' might is self-sufficient


Mr. Erdogan called Islamic countries to use their financial resources for good


Turkey is the new route


Erdogan, The Conscience Of The Islamic World


Ahmadinejad; Muslims must Set aside any dissensions and get United


The Muslims of Arakan will be saved by the Turkish-Islamic Union


Mohammad Mursi and the governments in the other Islamic countries must struggle against Darwinism and lack of quality


All the lands of Islam belong to Muslims.


Islamic countries are very sweet. We are not able to go to our own people, to our own houses; that is unbelievable. We have our vineyards and gardens yet they have put blockades. I will be with my brother, with my brother in religion. Brothers in religion are like blood siblings. Why shouldn't I go to Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt in comfort?


The union of Islamic countries can only be effective if this unity is established with the spirit of the system of the Mahdi. Without the spirit of the system of the Mahdi, the unions established would not yield any results.


Abdullah Gül: Islamic countries should make their bond stronger


A Muslim should not be ambitous about his belligerency, but his pacifism. Muslims should solve problems with compassion and love.


There must be an end to this trend toward hatred in the Islamic world


It is unlawful (haram) for Muslims to oppress others. The reason why communist system is prevalent in many Islamic countries is their presenting Islam as a religion of savagery.


There are some Muslims who have stopped praying for the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as), Prophet Jesus (as) and even for the establishment of the Unity of Islam. These people believe that the Shanghai Unity is a possibility the Unity of Islam is not


Religious scholars in Islamic countries must encourage peace


Adnan Oktar gives support to the Islamic World also via twitter


A spiritless, a leaderless union would be hollow, it cannot stand alone. No country would ever give the time of day to an Islamic Union without the Mahdi.


Kicking up a row in Islamic countries is the easiest thing to do right now. That is because they have put aside love and affection and indoctrinated hatred. They have numbed their minds with Darwinist-materialist education, they have brought about a completely different, aberrant understanding of religion with idolatry and radicalism, they have taken Islam, the Qur'an from their hand and created insane societies. Mahdi (pbuh) is the doctor for the cure of this infliction.


USA is a blessing for the whole world. Islamic countries have to protect and back USA up. Especially Turkey should look after the US. First they say; "USA go and save them!" and then shout out; "US is the great satan."


God gave exiguousness and inauspiciousness to the Islamic countries because people assumed an attitude against the Islamic Union and the system of the Mahdi. Not all of them may be but the great majority of them are in unawareness and perversion.


Adnan Oktar: “We Don't Want Bloodshed In Syria. It Should Be A Rescue Operation Not A War.”


The impassivity of Islamic countries is very astounding. If there is a fire somewhere, you go there and save people from that fire.


The great majority of Islamic countries are loveless. With such incidents God shows how prevalent cruelty is in the majority of the Islamic countries. At the moment they are in an insane race to kill.


A new method used for the annihilation of Muslims (20.08.2013)


Breaking up the fight in Syria is a religious obligation upon Muslim countries.


If Islamic countries enter Syria from 70 different points with love, oppression would end with no bloodshed (30.08.2013)


Islamic countries are after their own pleasure, they are indulging themselves. They are watching Syria as if they are watching a movie from a distance.


The attempt to collect all chemical weapons in the region is merely a movement to stall things. What should be done is to unite the Islamic countries as soon as possible.


If Islamic countries go into Syria from 70 different points, the war will end in 70 minutes. (16.09.2013)


Bombs are exploding every single day in Afghanistan and in Iraq. There are massacres every single day, hundreds, thousands of Muslims are being martyred. What is this? These all stem from radicalism.


Turkey is not under the control of any country and never attacks an Islamic country (27.10.2013)


At the moment Islamic countries are very poorly kept and miserable. This will change completely in the time of Mahdi (pbuh). With the coming of the Mahdi (pbuh) shoddiness and soullessness will disappear.


“If applauding turns of phrases are used about the persecution going on in Bangladesh, they will show the same courage again.”


If the armies of all Islamic countries enter Syria from seventy different fronts with seventy divisions or seventy brigades, this trouble would be solved within 3-4 hours. Syria would retreat and this persecution would come to an end. The rest is easy.


Hakan Fidan is doing important work in the Turkic and Islamic worlds (03.01.2013)


Turkey should immediately and urgently conduct a peace operation in Syria together with the other Islamic countries. If the Islamic countries make a move altogether, no one would ever resist it since it would be evaluated as a faith related, Qur’anic and moral initiative. Even if they did it with five countries, the problem would be solved with only those five countries.


The problem of leadership in the Islamic World


The Islamic world is paying the price for ignoring Hazrat Mahdi (24.07.2014)


Some American officials are forcing Islamic countries to fight ISIL by threatening regime change


Our Prophet(saas) foretells that Turkish banners will appear to support the Qaim-Mahdi


What Has Happened to Muslims?


Can the EU be a role model for the Islamic world?


Those who protested the killing of 3 Muslims in America regard the deaths of 300 people every day in the Islamic world as quite normal


In all Islamic countries, Darwinism is being taught to youth in public schools as an indispensable part of the curriculum. No one can teach anything else. In the thousands of years of the history of the civilization, there has never been such a belief system that completely – may God forbid- rebels against God. Right now, almost 99% of the world is defying – may God forbid- God with Darwinism.


An International Model To Put An End To The Conflict In The Islamic World Is Possible


Russia’s stance on the Muslim world


A Union Based on Love: What the Islamic World Needs the Most

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1-20 / Total: 65
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