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Islamic Moral

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A response to Terry Jones, leader of the church planning protest actions against Islam on the anniversary of September 11


Answers of Mr. Adnan Oktar to the questions of Mr. Ryan Jones from Israel Today, June 23rd, 2010, Israel


Hazrat Mahdi's (as) name and renown will constantly spread across the world


Claiming that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not come is a portent of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as)


Europe and America must not remain spectators of China's new policy of repression against the Uighur Turks in the Kashgar Region


Islamic moral values enshrine freedom of belief


Signs in the Qur’an of the coming of the Hazrat Mahdi (as)


Hypocrites do not want to struggle for the morality of Islam to prevail throughout the world


Every Muslim who fails to strive for the unity of the Islamic world is responsible for the suffering of 1.5 million people living as refugees in Pakistan


The blessed Uthman (ra): The caliph of Islam possessed of superior moral values


The error of the 'Muslim model that is weak in faith and distracted by the life of this world' in the words of Mr. Adnan Oktar


Our nation looks for love and beauty


The fact that Islamic moral values do not yet rule the world must stir all Muslims


Muslims persecuted (


Turkish democracy can be a model for our region


Surat As-Saff, 9 (Islamic moral values will prevail)


Love of Allah (


Islam: The noble path


Islam is the religion of peace and love. The time of the coming of the Prophet Jesus (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be one of peace and security


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in the Qur'an, the Torah, the Psalms and the Gospel


Communication and Argument in The Qur'an


Hazrat Mahdi's (as) struggle and the difficulties he will face -1-


The holy appearance that will identify Hazrat Mahdi (a.s.) to people (1st part)


The glad tidings of Hazrat Mahdi (as) awaited by Muslims


The error of superstitious karmic philosophy and reincarnation


A call for an Islamic Union


The error of Buddhism


The Ashab al-Suffa of the End Times: the Students of Hazrat Mahdi (as)


The real source of democracy and freedom of expression is Islam


The Dajjal has influenced people through hypnosis, making them unable to see the most evident facts regarding the end times


For someone to say they have seen Hazrat mahdi (as) in a dream cannot be taken as proof of knowing Hazrat Mahdi (as)


The light of faith manifests itself through abiding by good conscience, and people who heed their consciences know and understand Hazrat Mahdi (as)


According to the Qur'an the dominion of the morality of Islam over the world is an obligation


References to the end times and Hazrat Mahdi (as) in verse 55 of Surat an-Nur


The eminence Islam attaches to women


People of the book are one another's trusted friends


Love will cause Islamic moral values to prevail on earth


The true Islamic morals


In the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as) people will live by the religion of Islam in the same way as in the time of our Prophet (saas)


''EU’s future depends on its relations with Islam''


USA: We are not at war with Islam; our reference is Turkey


''EU’s future depends on its relations with Islam''


A bridge between Islam and the West: Turkey


A bridge between Islam and the West: Turkey


Knesset political adviser Prof. Avraham Diskin asks about the hostility towards Israelis


Islamic moral values require a person to be good, to do good and to strive for salvation. The opposite is immorality and lack of conscience.


You are talking about peace; you are talking about an ocean of blood. You mention social justice, but there is the dictatorship of the proletariat. The owners of the dictatorship live a life of milk and honey while the people lead miserable lives. The public have always been poor. Also in China and Russia people used to live a dog’s life. But this (social justice) is applied in Islam in the real sense of the word. AND NOTICE THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE THAT DOES NOT EXIST IN COMMUNISM; LOVE AND COMPASSION.


THINK ABOUT HOW A HUMAN BEING CAN ATTAIN PERFECTION? THAT IS ISLAM. How can he assume the best manners and become a quality person? The most intelligent, patient, pure, compassionate, humane person with the best character, who puts his trust in Allah, and who acts to the point, I can recite these qualities till morning. A person who bears all these attributes is called a Muslim.


There is no other strong movement other than bigots that strives to remove the morality of Islam.


Our brothers must tell that there exists no enmity against Jews in the Qur’an


As the hadith relate; Hazrat Mahdi (as) will uphold Islam just like our Prohet (saas).


Islam is the religion of peace & security


Let us make peace prevail


By infiltrating beliefs that do not really exist into Islam, they are alienating people from religion.


Islam is a shool of love, a school of the lovers. It is the religion by which love is experienced in the most beautiful form.


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will put aside religious sects and Islam religion will be lived according to pure revelations.


A person who tries to ensure that religion is lived by through the use of violence is a bigot. There is freedom in the understanding of true Islam.


If we present the modern face of Islam to the people, Islam would prevail in the world.


Religion is to live for Allah. It is to live love fervently. It is to avoid offending people and to strive for their welfare. Living a loveless introverted life, a dirty life by putting away freedom is not religion.




Islamic Morality


Ataturk is a very good example for the whole Islamic World. We, as a nation, owe Ataturk a debt of gratitude in stoping bigotry and laying the ground for real Islam to be lived comfortably.


With our calming attitude we are being instrumental in bringing calm in many incidents.


A sincere, candid, high quality, classy, modern understanding of Islam; an understanding that takes arts and science as basis, that fears Allah, that completely submits to Allah, that acts according to the Qur'an, that sincerely interprets the Qur'an and acts according to whatever the Qur'an demands without making any additions or any subtractions is spreading like a snowball. As far as I see no one contravenes such an understanding of Islam.


Not the model of Islam in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in other countries but the model of Islam in Turkey is the most liked model in the world. And we are the ones that are most influential in this model.


Some people with bigotted mindset make life narrow and attempt to make Islam impossible to live by.


There is love in Islam, there is compassion, there is protection of those in need, there is forgiveness, there is good opinion, there is constant stressing on goodness and abundance. In Islam there is emphasis on all that are beautiful, all that make people happy, all that please people and on all kinds of beauty and there is an effort to attain them.


Lack of trust and lovelessness prevail among people. By means of the system of Mahdi (as), love will prevail the Earth.


Our Sheikh Nazım al-Qubrusi, the sole Qutub in this world, the possessor of various spiritual might. He is an extremly humble person and our dear one who has devoted all his life to Islam.


Islam is the system that will make the South East of Turkey happy; it is the morality of Islam and love that will make them happy. The government should show the maximum effort to honor our brothers in the South East. The government should show the maximum effort to ensure their economic welfare. It should take all the necessary precautions against separation.


“If we work for real democracy, we will reach real Islam because Islam offers true democracy.”


There is no violence or terror in Islam. There is love, mercy and friendship in Islam. Why does Allah give Heaven to us? Had Allah asked for terror, He would have given that in the Heaven as well. Allah wants love, compassion, peace and security. Allah tells us to greet each other with “salam.” What does “salam” mean? It means wishing safety and wellbeing.


Rather than distributing roses, people should communicate the true message of Islam, that is, those who are most affectionate to Muslims are those who say we are Christians


Being the headmost one in compassion, in mercy, in decency, in cleanliness, in being the one that wears the most beautiful attires, that eats the most beautiful food, that distributes the most, that is the most just, the one that applies social justice in the most perfect manner is the characteristic of a Muslim.


The Muslim Brotherhood Should Take The Lead in Promoting Freedoms Instead of an Oppressive Radical System


There must be a modern conception of Islam, based on the Qur’an, the application of the spirit of the Companions, in Egypt


The most beautiful, the sweetest, the most positive and the truest of everything; that is religion. If you ask what is the best of everything; that is religion. Beautiful words, beautiful clothes, beautiful speeches, beautiful food, beautiful houses, beautiful streets, beautiful flowers, beautiful women… The most beautiful of everything.. Masha'Allah.


God is the One Who defines morality. God is the One Who teaches people morality. We know morality because God taught us. It would be a grave witlessness to try to – may God forbid- teach morality to God. May God forbid, it is completely unacceptable to attempt to teach religion to God and to the Qur'an.


They present Islam as a system that ruins life (15.10.2013)


Fanaticism can be learned through training


Islamic unity key to solving Syria's war


Fanatics misrepresent Islam as meaning violence (26.01.2014)


Harun Yahya's interview by Kourosh Ziabari, Fars news Agency English Service


Happiness is only possible with faith


Politics is not the only solution


A New Threat in Islamic Lands: Muslims adopting worldly values


The error of excluding women from social life


Economic instabilities in the world would completely end with the moral values of the Qur’an


All women are born with their rights intact


Muslims invite people to Islam intellectually and with kindness; they do not terrorize countries with suicide attacks


Repentance gives relief to heart


The Polytheists' Conception of Mourning


Does Boko Haram advocate Islam?


Mr. Taner Yıldız: Turkey Can Look Ahead Thanks to the Turkish People With Good Virtues


Is it incompatible with Islam for a Muslim to be wealthy, powerful and dashing?


Polarization Can Be Solved by Using the Language of Peace of the Qur'an


Incidents of looting show the scale of moral collapse


Religion is lived by love and enthusiasm in heart


Women should be shown the respect they deserve


Oh, Muslim awake!


Virtues of spending in Allah's cause


Islam: Religion of peace, love


Allah will make Islam prevail in the world


Learning to choose love and peace


Love will conquer all the troubles of the world


In the world we dream of, children are not killed


The moral virtue in Anatolia is a model of humanity for the world


1,400 years ago, our Prophet (saas) foretold the name of Assad


Islam can reign over the world with love and ideas


Allah Almighty wants Muslims to be affectionate and loving


Islam adds value to women


Depression — results of not abiding by faith


Dr. Oktar Babuna on the Voice of Israel Radio, 26 January 2015


West is wrong in its analyses, solutions to counter IS threat


Disapproving the easiness of Islam, bigots deliberately complicated it


Islam Does Not Set Brother Against Brother!


Freedom lies in God's embrace


Qur’an sets out basis of love


Let Us Strive for Love, Friendship and Brotherhood


The Mahdi System is the Reign of Islam in the World


Attaining God’s approval


People who know a lot, but who don't understand each other


Delving into the actual cause of moral depravity


Every time one gets away from Islam, from the Qur'an, from Muslims, every single second is written as a sin against you, every single second. You will answer for every single second. Keeping away from Islam, from the Qur'an, from Muslims is unlawful. You might assume that it is something easy, but you would have to give an account for every such single second in the Hereafter.


From the moment you get on a plane, when you sit in that plane, when you get off that plane, while you wander around the streets, God will ask you, "Why did you keep away from Muslims, why did you remain aloof to Islam, why did you not spread God's religion?" That is because God says that "Muslims are not distracted by trade or commerce from the remembrance of God." Yet you are distracted.


Whereever you go, you won't be able to walk away from God. God is nearer to you than your jugular vein. Where are you running to? One might assume that he can get away from God, from Islam, from the Qur'an by running, but he cannot.


Keeping away from Muslims means keeping away from God. Keeping away from the Qur'an means keepng away from God. Keeping away from the cause of Islam means keeping away from God.


The Islamic community is a festive community. Let us say you are walking in the street and you get tired. You go and knock the door of a random house and say, "As-Salam alaykum." You would be invited in and the host would welcome you, saying, "Come in and dine with us." When night falls, the host would ask you to stay the night and if you like it, you do. This is how the Muslim community is; this is how it was at the time of the companions of our Prophet (saas). Later on, these niceties were forgotten in time.


There is no greed for wealth according to the morality of the Quran. Instead, God encourages sharing and helping each other


Socialism is a system of horror. In Islam, your neighbor’s house and food also belongs to you. Everyone is like a family


There is no difficulty in Islam: God wants it to be convenient as He emphasizes that in verses multiple times, and says that the Prophet Abraham’s (as) religion is easy. In another verse He says, “God desires ease for you; He does not desire difficulty for you.” (2/185) Islam is like a festival; it is a religion of joy. Things like hanging people, cutting them up, beating people, blasphemy, making women’s lives miserable do not exist in it. Islam considers women to be flowers.


The effects of the Muslim way of speaking


Change starts from within


Rumism being promoted to replace Islam for Muslims

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