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Islamic Moral

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USA: We are not at war with Islam; our reference is Turkey

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''EU’s future depends on its relations with Islam''

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A bridge between Islam and the West: Turkey

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A bridge between Islam and the West: Turkey

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Knesset political adviser Prof. Avraham Diskin asks about the hostility towards Israelis


Islamic moral values require a person to be good, to do good and to strive for salvation. The opposite is immorality and lack of conscience.


You are talking about peace; you are talking about an ocean of blood. You mention social justice, but there is the dictatorship of the proletariat. The owners of the dictatorship live a life of milk and honey while the people lead miserable lives. The public have always been poor. Also in China and Russia people used to live a dog’s life. But this (social justice) is applied in Islam in the real sense of the word. AND NOTICE THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE THAT DOES NOT EXIST IN COMMUNISM; LOVE AND COMPASSION.


THINK ABOUT HOW A HUMAN BEING CAN ATTAIN PERFECTION? THAT IS ISLAM. How can he assume the best manners and become a quality person? The most intelligent, patient, pure, compassionate, humane person with the best character, who puts his trust in Allah, and who acts to the point, I can recite these qualities till morning. A person who bears all these attributes is called a Muslim.


There is no other strong movement other than bigots that strives to remove the morality of Islam.


Our brothers must tell that there exists no enmity against Jews in the Qur’an

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As the hadith relate; Hazrat Mahdi (as) will uphold Islam just like our Prohet (saas).


Islam is the religion of peace & security

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Let us make peace prevail

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By infiltrating beliefs that do not really exist into Islam, they are alienating people from religion.


Islam is a shool of love, a school of the lovers. It is the religion by which love is experienced in the most beautiful form.


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will put aside religious sects and Islam religion will be lived according to pure revelations.


A person who tries to ensure that religion is lived by through the use of violence is a bigot. There is freedom in the understanding of true Islam.


If we present the modern face of Islam to the people, Islam would prevail in the world.


Religion is to live for Allah. It is to live love fervently. It is to avoid offending people and to strive for their welfare. Living a loveless introverted life, a dirty life by putting away freedom is not religion.



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41-60 / Total: 134
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