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Union of Islam, Islamic Union

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A Muslim has his own principles, his own cause. He advocates the Unity of Islam and the prevalence of Islamic morality in the whole world and strives for that.


Almighty Allah is preparing Turkey for the Unity of Islam. But the Allah's creation is very sophisticated. Almighty Allah implements a very intricate, very detailed plan. Allah is the One Who creates all plans. Almighty Allah draws everything to that path step by step.


According to my opinion, in Turkish foreign policy, there is great benefit in maximizing the connections with Putin. Putin seems to be in the very key point in the establishment of the Unity of Islam.


Allah will make people accept the Unity of Islam lovingly. People will see the necessity of the Unity of Islam through the incidents they experience and they will come to want it themselves insha'Allah.


All sorts of studies conducted for the Unity of Islam are blessed.


Allah makes people remember Himself through many incidents like earthquakes and meteors. He makes people remember the system of the Mahdi constantly, reminds them of the Jesus Messiah and the Unity of Islam. Allah will make the world embrace Islam by making them love Islam.


Allah gives the best opinions. Allah tells us to "unite".


A Muslim should not say; "Why did the Unity of Islam not yet established, why do we suffer? Why do we have such hardships?" He will be patient. That is because Heaven comes at the end of patience and there is the good pleasure of Allah. You would lose if you do not have patience.


Asking for the Unity of Islam, asking for the Turkish-Islamic Unity should be the mark of whole Turkey.


Allah unraveled the way for the Unity of Islam in destiny, He opened the way for the Unity of Islam, He eliminated the barriers in front of it. I mean it was very important to eliminate that barrier. Almighty Allah had removed it. It was Allah Himself Who put that barrier previously.


Al-Bashar Al-Assad doesn't make a sound at all. He should step up and say "Allah!" He should openly say that he wants the Unity of Islam.


Al-Assad should say that he loves Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and that he is waiting for him. He should say that he is advocating the Unity of Islam and state that “Sunnis and Alewites are brothers”, he should say that he is against bigotry and radicalism. And then we will strip that scourge off of him, insha’Allah; our promise is one and Allah is One.


All the responsibility lays on the Muslim world. If Muslims unite and implement the command of Allah, if they establish the Unity of Islam, the issue of Syria will be solved that day, that hour.


Adnan Oktar gives support to the Islamic World also via twitter


Adnan Oktar responds to those who say that we need to keep silent against the incidents in Egypt (17.07.2013)

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All sorts of slogans are uttered in Egypt but we've never heard one about Islamic Union. However they should be screaming the place down for the Unity of Islam. That is the path to salvation God showed.


All Muslims and all Turkish people are our brothers and sisters. Let us have Turan and the Unity of Islam.


A spiritless, a leaderless union would be hollow, it cannot stand alone. No country would ever give the time of day to an Islamic Union without the Mahdi.


Ataturk heard a lot of things from Bediuzzaman; Bediuzzaman told him that Islamic Union will be established, that Mahdi (pbuh) will appear, that Islam will prevail in the world, with all details. Ataturk knew all these. He knew that Russia will collapse.


Adnan Oktar: “We Don't Want Bloodshed In Syria. It Should Be A Rescue Operation Not A War.”

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21-40 / Total: 55
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