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Union of Islam, Islamic Union

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The unity of Muslims can only be attained through the hand of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).


The US, Europe and Illuminati organization want the Union of Islam as well. The Union of Islam will most definitely be established insha'Allah.


The year 2023 is the date of the system of Mahdi and the Union of Islam.


Turkey's entrance to the European Union would be a bliss, only if she enters the union as the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union.


The salvation is in the Unity of Islam. Within the unity of Islam all states are independent. Unity of Islam is a bond of goodwill.


The reason why unity could not be formed up until today is because this task is assigned to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).


The system of the Mahdi and the Unity of Islam is the only solution Allah shows people.


There is relief in the Unity of Islam and there is distress in separation.


The unity of Islam is a great ideal. It is the ideal of all of us, of all the Muslims. It is the common policy of the Middle Eastern countries.


The discrimination in between Shias and Sunnis should be wiped off the region and Shias and Sunnis should embrace each other. The system of the Mahdi should be made an agenda and the unity of Islam should be formed. Actually the region is like Heaven. Iraq, Syria are all historical places, there is an amazing flora in the region but because love and friendship does not come into play, the region has turned into a living hell.


The Unity of Islam will be formed, the Turkish Islamic Union will be established. America wants this, Israel wants this as well. Otherwise the world would not rest easy. That is a must for the world peace.


The spirit of brotherhood, the spirit of the Unity of Islam should be the same in all of us. Our homes might be different, our parties might be different, we might be supporting different sports clubs, we might be working in different workplaces. But our goal should be the same. Our goal should be the Unity of Islam, it should be Turkish-Islamic Unity insha'Allah.


The comfort of our Kurdish brothers would only be possible through the Unity of Islam. With the unity of Islam they will attain an utmost comfort and peace insha'Allah.


The greatest ideal for Masons is to make the whole world brothers. What is it that would ensure this the best? Islam. That is why they want the Unity of Islam but not the radicals.


The best thing that could be done is to carry the Unity of Islam into effect.


The Unity of Islam will be established. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will appear. Everyone should keep their hearts at ease.


The salvation of Mali lies in the Unity of Islam.

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The Unity of Islam will most definitely be established, there is an appointed time for this.


There is no egotistical approach in the Unity of Islam which demands the deliverance of only one's self. For us to be happy everyone should delivered and be happy.


The US plan for Armageddon will be terminated when the Unity of Islam is established

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41-60 / Total: 133
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