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Evolution surveys in Europe under the control of the Darwinist dictatorship


Europe and America must not remain spectators of China's new policy of repression against the Uighur Turks in the Kashgar Region


Le Nouvel Observateur has confirmed Adnan Oktar's victory over Darwinism


The Muslims of Nigeria are waiting for help from the whole Islamic world


The Atlas Of Creation razed Darwinism in Europe


European civilization can develop with Turkey


Europe can not rise from recession


The crisis in Europe hit Asia too


We will see more bankruptcy, yet turkey has a bright future


Economic flood continues: The crisis doesn't abate in Europe


Turkey is a model country for Europe


A signal for Europe without visa


Collapse of Darwinism in Europe


Islam And Buddhism


The glorious rise of Islam in Europe, from Andalusia to the present day


The Knights Templars and freemasonry


The bloody history of communism -3


The evolutionary myth, from ancient Greece to modern Europe


Charles Darwin's twisted views that regarded everyone apart from Caucasians as ''anthropomorphous apes and lower race''


Islam: The most rapidly expanding religion in Europe


Europe: A Ball of Fire


Turkey left Europe behind


Europe: A Ball of Fire


A new global crisis is at hand in case the debt crisis of Europe remains unsolved


European civilization can develop with Turkey


In growth, Middle East Union will quintuple Europe


Europe will be stronger with you


The purpose is to be a peace envoy in the region


Europe faces the worst crisis since the war


Anti-Islamism is a great peril for Europe


Fear of inflation in Europe


Turkey is at ease but Europe is in a debt mire


In the next decade Turkey will be the strongest country of Europe


Turkey ranks the third in the national income increase


The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR): Only Turkey can protect Europe


''Europe! Stand firm; Turkey will come and save you''


Burns: Turkey is the most powerful country in the Europe and the Middle East


European Press should not give way to fascism propaganda


The European press must immediately say “stop” to fascist propaganda


A European style democracy and quality is becoming to Turkey. Indeed an understanding of quality surpassing them is becoming to Turkey. This has to be accomplished without any delay.


The solution to Europe's debt crisis will take many years


An intensive ideological struggle must be carried out in Europe


The US, Europe and Illuminati organization want the Union of Islam as well. The Union of Islam will most definitely be established insha'Allah.




Europe wants the Unity of Islam, America wants it as well, but they want the governance to be in the hands of the Mahdi (pbuh). If compassion, love, peace, brotherhood, decency, science, aesthetics, democracy prevails; if such a guarantee is given to Europe and to the United Nations, they would have the Unity of Islam established right away.


When the Unity of Islam is established, Turkey would not be turning her back to Europe, on the contrary she will embrace Europe; they will be one within the other. Turkey will have a more sophisticated culture, a high quality understanding of arts, a more beautiful understanding of freedom and democracy. Consequently Turkey and the Islamic world will possess a structure that Europe will envy. In such a structure, Europe and Turkey would of course embrace each other and would of course be one within the other.


Europeans, by saying "it is a coincidence" about everything, are giving way to these troubles they are suffering from. They want the blessings bestowed upon them by Allah, but they attempt to deny the existence of Allah.


With the Unity of Islam we want to make South East a better place than Europe and to ensure that our brothers and sisters living there will live in happiness and peace in the most beautiful way possible.


Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will make Islam prevail in the whole Europe.


When the Unity of Islam is established we would not drift apart from Europe or from America. But we would of course not take the mistaken aspects of Europe and America.


Europe gives good news on the visa regime


Connections with Europe are very important. Europe's civilization is very good, their understanding of art is nice. Europeans are very classy, polite and decent people.


Bigoted mindset presents neglect as an accomplishment. Europe on the other hand wants pure, classy people. They would not want to make acquaintance with such unkempt, ragged people.


Europe has the most classy, most high quality understanding of art in the world. It is important for us to be close to Europe.


Atheism is very widespread in Europe, churches are all empty. Darwinism and materialism wreak havoc on the world.


Why would Europe be disturbed by a genuine, high quality Muslim? They are leery of oppressors, psychopaths, not of Muslims. I mean Europe is leery of people also known


The whole Europe would embrace the modern Islam as it was in the time of the Companions.


The reason why PKK movement is supported by both America and Europe is their intention to close Southeast of Turkey with a border and thus severe Turkey's, Anatolia's, connection with Islamic and Turkic countries. That is an intense, sly, secret activity carried out against the system of the Mahdi.


The greatness of danger should be seen. All Darwinists-materialists of Europe support the PKK.


Europe announced the PKK terrorists as “good kids”. They say that “they are activists.” It is as if they are talking about cheerleaders. That is really wrong.


Neither Europe, nor America does not care about the killings of 2400 Muslims in Bangladesh. People are only after having fun in nightclubs in Europe.


There is no harm in the criticisms of European Parliament about Tukey. We would benefit from it if there are any justified aspects.


Arts have died in Europe, what we see now in the name of art are the pieces of those artists who are already dead. There is no living art. We, as Turkey, should start a lively, fresh understanding of art.


Turkey is the most blessed country while Europe is in dire straits. Turkey is the country with the most healthy economy. There is a sound balance in between foreign trade and in domestic trade. And that happened thanks to AK Party. Ak Party has been instrumental in that success.


Europe does not invest on people either, they do not educate their people. And then you see people falling into depression because of the spiritual dilemma they feel, because of the spiritual emptiness they have and killing themselves. That is a terrible thing. The world can only be saved from this disaster with the system of the Mahdi, with the compassion of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh), with complete submission to the Qur'an, Insha'Allah.


America and Europe will soon recognize the system of the Mahdi (02.08.2013)


Europe is terrified in the face of the radical mindset. And they very newly realize that the only solution for that is the system of the Mahdi. You will see, US and the European civilization will defend the system of the Mahdi with all their might.


US, Europe and Islamic countries should come together and select a spiritual leader, a Grand Imam for the Muslim world.


Fanatic mindset is a grave danger and it is snowballing. US and Europe did not understand it yet.


If Iran decides to bomb Israel, US would tear down Iran. The US and Europe would not let anyone touch Israel. Iran should not play the tough in vain. They should give up that attitude and make reasonable, dignified statements.


If Turkey gets hit, neither the US nor Europe would be disturbed. A plot that would put Turkey in a difficult position is being played.


Islamophobia became a philosophy serving to rationalize the killings of Muslims


Islamophobia has become a philosophy of killing Muslims (29.10.2013)


American and European companies are paying tribute money to the Taliban (15.11.2013)


Turkey is a country that would be organizing the Islamic Union through the system of the Mahdi. Turkey will have a humane connection of love with Europe as well. Of course that will be beneficial on the spiritual growth of Europe.


High-quality, modern and intelligent Muslims would be respected by the entire world (14.01.2014)


What Is the Main Reason for the Crisis in Countries’ Economies?


State obliterating forces


Euro’s greatest need: Profound spirituality


China should be like Europe. Capital punishment should be abolished in China; anything other than that would not be modern. China would turn into a country of fear and people will not trust China.


Europe and America must fight ISIS through education, not weapons


The goal of Europe and America is to arm the PKK on the pretext of fighting against ISIS and then using it against Turkey, against our soldiers. If they attempt to annihilate Turkey, let me say that America and Europe would all be turned into a flat field. If you fight with Turkey, God would fight with you. If you attempt to bring about grief on Turkey, God would bring about grief on you.


Asia might have some beautiful aspects but it also has many dark aspects. The powers that prevail in Asia are generally like the mafia. We belong to Europe, to European civilization. We should not be drowned in radicalism, in fanaticism, in the darkness of Asia.


The international force being readied for ISIL must deal with the PKK first, then with ISIL


Separatist sentiments in Scotland and the stability of Europe


Had the situation in Syria occurred in Europe, a safe haven would have been set up straight away


America and Europe initiated air strikes only when ISIS launched attacks on the PKK


Some European and American politicians say nothing about the PKK to Iran, but find it easy to separate Turkey


The global secret state plan to split up Turkey


The pkk’s aim is not democratic autonomy in the region, but an independent communist Kurdistan


The European Union is paying the price for having an economic nature above all else


What can European countries do against the Tide of Migration?


History Repeats Itself


The Increasing Importance of the Energy Factor in Turkish-European Relations


European states that send money and weapons to the PKK must be sued for backing a terrorist organization


Before the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), an amazing wave of disasters will engulf the whole of Europe. God will remind people of Himself and an age of peace will then start.


Is racism really over in Europe?


Europe chasing a mirage

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