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Azerbaijan and Armenia will be friends, and the Turkish-Islamic Union will certainly be established


Armenia, capital daily, April 9, 2009, interview of Mr. Adnan Oktar by Karen Harutyunyan


The strong bond between Turkish and Azerbaijani people was once again proven on 14 October 2009


The union to be established between Turkey and Azerbaijan will be the first and most powerful step toward the Turkish-Islamic Union


Abdullah Gul: We All Are One Nation


We are pressing for entering with identity card to Azerbaijan


We want to open Armenia-Azerbaijan borders


G8 confirms that Turkey is a regional power


Turkey may amalgamate with Azerbaijan


Abdullah Gul: We All Are One Nation


We are pressing for entering with identity card to Azerbaijan


We want to open Armenia-Azerbaijan borders


Iran waives visas for Azeris


Turkey may amalgamate with Azerbaijan


Long live Turkey - Azerbaijan brotherhood!


Turkey and Azerbaijan Must Unite as Two States, One Nation


The invasion of Azerbaijan is one of the portents of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as)


''The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity and the Solution: Moral Values of the Qur'an'' Conference (Azerbaijan, 19.12.2010)


The invasion of Azerbaijan is another portent of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (a.s)


We will remove the visas with Azerbaijan


''Turkey and Azerbaijan are two inseparable brothers''


Azerbaijan and Turkey, two states, one nation


Our sole friend is Turkey


Our sole friend is Turkey


''Turkey and Azerbaijan are two inseparable brothers''


The historic developments between Azerbaijan and Armenia are continuing full-steam ahead


We should use common alphabet with Azerbaijan


We congratulate the anniversary of Azerbaijan's foundation. May Allah give many beautiful days to Azerbaijan.




Our brothers in Azerbaijan should be in unity with their governments. They have a government that is fond of religion but against bigotry. That is nice.


The friendship of Israel and Turkey is crucial for the Union of Islam. We will strive to maintain friendship with Armenia, Azerbaijan and all the other countries just as well. And we are currently striving to that end insha'Allah.


We will unite with Armenia sooner or later insha'Allah, we will unite with Azerbaijan, we will unite with all Turkic states. A giant Turan community will be formed and then a great Turkish Islamic Union will be established. Islamic world will unite, Turkish world will unite.


We share everything in common with Azerbaijan (12.11.2013)


Azarbaijan is vital part of us, and we must unite at once (21.04.2014)


Azerbaijan is very dear to us. We are two different states of one nation. It is like our Rize, like our Konya. But it has been separated from us for now. That is an artificial separation. We will put aside this separation. Our Minister of Foreign Affairs is striving intensely to this end but that would be vouchsafed to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).


Azerbaijan and Turkey’s Shared Dream: TANAP, the Project of the 21st Century


Passport and visa requirements should be abolished, both for Armenia and for Azerbaijan on the same day.


Our unity with Azerbaijan should be formed immediately. We are very close with them, we are brothers and everything we have is one. They should abolish passports and visas and people should be able to exit and enter the country without the need of submitting an identity card. It is not right to prolong this issue.


Azerbaijan will open the doors to Turkey at the same time as Armenia. This will be the first spark of the Islamic Union, of the Turkish Islamic Union. A great Turkish Islamic Union will be formed that will embrace Israel as well. The whole region will thus attain relief and peace, insha'Allah.


One of the most important characteristics of Azerbaijan is that it is closest to Turkey; Azerbaijan is like Konya, Eskişehir or Istanbul for us. This is how it is known in the whole of Turkey. This is how Turkey is for Azerbaijan.


The people of Azerbaijan are very dear to us. They are very decent, very well mannered people. They have never been degenerated. They have never been corrupted; they have always remained noble. Mr. Ilham Aliyev has indeed displayed a very rational attitude and never opened the door to radicalism. He has opened the door to real Islam, but closed the door to radicalism.


China might back down from the persecution they perpetrate on Uyghur Turks if she sees that Turkey and Azerbaijan stake a claim on them


Resolving Karabakh problem


The ceding of the territories that were annexed by Armenia and Azerbaijan should be done peacefully, not violently


Russian President Putin is a brave person. Turkey’s alliance with Russia is very significant. Cooperation with Iran, Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan would be very good in the region.


Azerbaijan is very dear, very beloved to us. Turkey and Azerbaijan are one: they are two different states, but one nation.

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