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A way out for some people who do not want to see women around

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A fanatic should be treated and educated; there is no need to hate fanatics. It is a pity for them as well. Radicals do not come up all of a sudden; they become like that as a result of a radical education.


An understanding of Islam full of love and affection, one that advocates freedom should be adopted against radicalism. Only then the world could be at ease.


America can bring peace to the Middle East with cultural activities, by supporting the system of the Mahdi (08.01.2014)

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Ahl al-Bayt (People of the House) were martyred by radicals because of their modernity and valuing women (05.06.2014)

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Ataturk really closed the door to bigotry and radicalism. Otherwise ISIS would be going rampant in these lands.


Airstrikes That Also Kill Civilians Are a Kind of Murder


Adnan Oktar: Defeating the Proliferation of Radicalism

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ALLAH DOES NOT WANT A TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION IN THE FORM OF BIGOTRY. That is, if it had been possible, it would have happened a hundred years ago. Allah does not accept that. That is why, Allah constantly sealed off its way; for a hundred years, He closed its way. The Turkish Islamic Union will come about in this century.


Allah uses me as is instrument when it comes to giving love of Allah for women who uncover their heads. A very bright and high quality younger generation is growing up. Religious books are banned in many countries. But my books are not banned because I AM VERY POSITIVE AND DISPLAY AFFECTION. I APPROACH MATTERS WITH SCIENCE AND LEARNING, AND AM STRONGLY OPPOSED TO BIGOTRY. I WANT THE CLIMATE THAT PREVAILED IN THE TIME OF THE COMPANIONS OF OUR PROPHET (SAAS).

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21-30 / Total: 30
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